It is reported that Samsung S21 ultra will be equipped with s pen, note series or will be replaced by Z fold 3

According to the Korean media the elec, Samsung will seriously re plan its flagship products. According to the report, Samsung Electronics has determined the detailed product specifications of S21 series, such as not equipped with 3D flight time module. As the galaxy S21 series produced parts in the fourth quarter, it was difficult to change product specifications in a short period of time. < p > < p > it is reported that Samsung has not yet determined when to release the galaxy note 21 next year, but there is speculation that Samsung will stop the galaxy Note Series and launch the galaxy Z fold 3, which supports s-pen. This means Samsung is likely to launch Galaxy S in the first half of the year and a new Z fold / Z flip phone in the second half. < / P > < p > with the progress of UTG mass production, Samsung has the ability to produce 600000 folding displays per month, and plans to achieve the target of 1 million folding displays per month by the end of the year. Samsung may not sell as many folding devices as the note series, but the high profit margin of folding devices may offset the lower number, and the galaxy S21 series can also get more sales. < / P > < p > Home understands that in the early days of the smartphone market, Galaxy note distinguished itself by adopting a large screen and supporting s pen, but in recent years, the difference between the series and other products has almost disappeared, except for the s pen. Last year, the difference in screen size between the top models of the galaxy S10 series and the note 10 series has narrowed to 0.1 inch, while this year’s top models of the galaxy S20 series and the note 20 series have the same screen size, both 6.9 inches. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer