It took three years to build! Huawei matebook x is comparable to Apple macbook

On August 16, it was announced that Huawei will launch a lightweight and heavyweight product called matebook x notebook, which has been built for three years on August 19. Now more details about the notebook have come to light. < / P > < p > unlike the 13.9-inch screen of the matebook x Pro released in the first half of the year, the upcoming matebook x will use a 13 inch screen, which is claimed to be smaller than A4 paper. < / P > < p > a few days ago, some digital bloggers reported that Huawei’s matebook x notebook will use a 3K floating full screen with no metal frame design, that is, on the basis of today’s ultra narrow frame, the frame is almost eliminated, and the dream effect of almost all B-side screen is realized. < / P > < p > in addition to the screen, the digital blogger @ digital chat station disclosed that Huawei’s new notebook has made a freetouch pressure touch panel solution similar to Apple’s MacBook, and has built NFC inside, making it more convenient for multi screen collaboration. < / P > < p > as we all know, multi screen collaboration is a major feature and bright spot of Huawei notebook. Therefore, Huawei matebook x notebook will obviously further improve this aspect, further optimize the productivity of smart phones and PCs, and highlight this bright spot of Huawei. < / P > < p > as for the freetouch touch touch panel, it is disclosed that Huawei will adopt the MacBook solution this time, but the situation that windows notebook touch is not working should become history, which may become the next selling point of Huawei notebook. < / P > < p > in addition, it is also reported today that Huawei’s lightweight version cancels the fan cooling design, but adopts the heat pipe with screen shaft design, which reduces the space of the notebook, so as to achieve the goal of being light and thin. < / P > < p > as for the price, the matebook x Pro released in the first half of this year is aimed at the high-end, and this matebook x is likely to continue this strategy if its performance and other aspects are improved. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?