It took three years to revise four times James Gunn’s masterpiece transcendence trilogy to take you into a luxurious space adventure

Frederick Bohr, author of science fiction bestseller, once described it as: “James Gunn doesn’t publish novels very often. However, once a new book is published, it must be a great work. It’s his best work so far Recommended reading! “< / P > < p > James gunding lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and is an honorary professor of English at the University of Kansas. He is the founder and director of the science fiction research center of the University. < / P > < p > James Gang is also the last surviving winner of the golden age of science fiction masters award. < p > < p > the foreign version of the “transcendental” trilogy has attracted countless readers, but its Chinese version has not been published. In three years, domestic translators have revised it countless times and revised it four times. Finally, the true Chinese version of the “transcendental” trilogy is displayed to you. < p > < p > Gu Bei, one of the famous translators, is a famous science fiction translator and author, member of the Organizing Committee of the Chinese science fiction Nebula award, and has translated many other novels, among which Gu Bei won the silver award for best science fiction short story of the Chinese science fiction Nebula award, and his representative works are. Liu Wei, master of linguistics, Beijing Language and Culture University, full-time translator, director of radio drama, Chinese consultant and liaison of foreign translation team, and fan of foreign song translation. He has been responsible for subtitles of many films and TV plays. There are many ways to translate. < p > < p > he has a bachelor’s degree in translation from the University of California in Seattle, Shanghai, and the University of California in North Philadelphia. < / P > < p > tells the story that in the distant future world, life from many planets flies through the whole universe to uncover the secret of transcendental legend. Riley, a star wars veteran, boarded a ship that was flying to the edge of the Milky way. He has a secret mission, and waiting for him is conspiracy, adventure and redemption < / P > < p > is the second in a series. The protagonists Riley and Asha finally arrive at the terminal planet and discover the transcendental machine, a transmission device created by an ancient race. They choose “transcendence”. Now, their intelligence and physiological abilities have broken through the limitations of human beings, and the machine has sent them to two independent unknown planets among billions of planets < / P > < p > is the series finale. Riley and Asha traveled all over the galaxy, found the transcendental machine, and chose to transcend the transformation, breaking through the limitations of human beings. They returned to earth and defeated artificial intelligence, which had tried to destroy a priori. Now, they have to save the rest of the League < / P > < p > these three books represent the golden age of James gang. David Brin, the author of the book, once described them as “what James Gang is dedicated to is the work of the real golden age, which integrates many magnificent high concepts into a journey of exploration across several galaxies.” < / P > < p > this is the highest symbol of James Gunn’s sci-fi works and the foundation of his status. Paul Di Philip said: “it perfectly explains why James Gunn can always maintain his status as a sci-fi master.” < / P > < p > the plot is intense and rhythmic, unstable events and unexpected betrayal, and sudden tension make readers always keep the fresh experience of reading. “When the spaceship sails through the void without stars, heading for the destination, gang keeps the whole work beating rhythm through unstable alliance, unexpected betrayal, and sudden violence.” Skip to content