It turns out that Shen Haiyin’s “ppt car making” skill is comparable to Jia Yueting

When it comes to the new forces of car making, the outside world always focuses on the four top players of Weilai, Xiaopeng, ideality and Weima, while other players get less attention. The fundamental reason lies in their poor strength, including many “ppt car making” professionals. Ppt car which strong? The United States looks for FF and China looks for singularity. < p > < p > since this year, the new forces of car making have continued to speed up the shuffle. Bojun, beiteng and sailin have been cool one after another. Under the cold capital winter, the rest of the players’ life is becoming more and more difficult, such as FF and singularity. What they have in common is that the first mass-produced car has been repeatedly skipping tickets, which disappoints the outside world and can only seek more happiness in the future. < p > < p > ff91 was released in January 2017. After three and a half years, mass production has repeatedly skipped tickets and delayed again and again. At the beginning, it vowed that it would be officially delivered by the end of 2018. In 2019, it was said that it was only one step away from mass production. This year, it was only a step away from delivery. This year, we had 666 word games! < / P > < p > so the question is, when is the ff91 mass production delivery? Can Jia Yueting, founder of FF, give a specific timetable? As long as ff91 is not in mass production for one day, it is impossible to talk about sharing intelligent travel ecology. At the end of 2017, the CEO of shenyinxiu Automobile Co., Ltd. announced that the company would realize batch production in April of 2017. However, small batch production did not come as expected. In January 2018, he changed his words and said that the singularity is6 would be put on the market in mass production by the end of the year. Embarrassingly, 10 months later, Shen Haiyin announced that the listing of singularity is6 would be postponed, saying that it might be listed around the Spring Festival in 2019, and the mass production plan had not been determined. However, he once again made a face to himself and promised to complete the mass production delivery of the car in the fourth quarter of 2019. However, up to now, there is no sign of mass production listing of singularity is6, and there is no specific pricing and reservation information about is6 on the official website of singularity. It is always a mystery when to realize the mass production listing. Be roughly the same as make complaints about fellow sufferers,

said, “the PPT is always built by the outside world.” Shen Haiyin’s car making skills are completely matched with him. He can be called the “PPT” car God. He said that he was “good friends”, and that he was a big brother. When asked by the vice president, when we asked about the progress of the epidemic situation in May, it was not only the progress of the epidemic situation that led to the sudden change of the production strategy of the automobile manufacturers in May, but also the factors that affected the progress of mass production < p > < p > I can only say ha ha for Zhao Qiang’s statement, and I totally disagree with him. We should know that before the outbreak of the epidemic, there was no singularity, and no substantial progress was made in the mass production of is6. If the epidemic does not continue to drag on, all walks of life will be hit by the epidemic this year, and the mass production of singularity is6 will be blocked, so we can throw the pot to the epidemic situation with confidence and justice? This obviously doesn’t hold water. I can only say that the management of singularity has a good mentality. Zhao Qiang might as well tell us what step ppt production is. < / P > < p > the harm of PPT car making is self-evident, which will make the enterprise operation in a passive state and eventually fall into a vicious circle. It’s not easy to build a car, and it’s OK to cherish it. There are not many opportunities left for FF and singularity to prove themselves. They are facing the test of life and death. We should take practical actions as soon as possible to take off the hat of “ppt car building”, and wish Jia Yueting and Shen Haiyin good luck! Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing