It turns out that sleeping in space is not easy

Many people are curious about the wonderful experience and feeling of astronauts sleeping in space. In fact, it is much more difficult to sleep in space than on earth. Because there is no familiar gravity environment in space, astronauts will lose their sense of direction and can not sleep in bed. Instead, they should try to adapt to sleeping in the air. Therefore, sleeping in space is not as easy and comfortable as we think. If astronauts do not have a good rest, it will not only affect their work efficiency, but also affect their physical and mental health. So, what are the factors that affect astronauts’ sleep? Astronauts live on the earth and are used to the 24-hour biological clock, which controls the hormones that promote sleep and the hormone secretion responsible for sobering, and also controls the cycle of physiological parameters such as body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. A spacecraft in low earth orbit takes 90 minutes to orbit the earth, which is equivalent to 16 sunrises and sunsets in a day. The change of circadian rhythm will seriously disturb the body’s biological clock, thus affecting the astronauts’ sleep. At this time, a pair of strong shading eye mask is essential, it can visually simulate the night for astronauts, so as to improve the sleep quality of astronauts. < / P > < p > the weightlessness caused by microgravity environment in space will cause the illusion that the limbs are separated from the trunk, and the astronauts will feel like falling down because they find that there is no support under the body after waking up. Weightlessness makes the blood and organs lose weight, which leads to the blood flow from the lower limbs to the head and chest of astronauts, resulting in the discomfort similar to standing on the ground. In addition, because there is no gravity applied to the spine, spinal extension will stimulate nerves and muscles in the back, causing back pain of astronauts. At the same time, a little activity during sleep in space, even breathing, can make the astronauts float. Therefore, astronauts will get into the special sleeping bag connected with the cabin structure when they sleep. If the sleeping bag is fixed in a certain area, it can exert certain pressure on the astronauts, make their bodies close to the cabin, and create a sleep state closer to the ground. This is not only conducive to the astronauts’ sleep, but also to ensure the safety of astronauts. Most people believe that astronauts are in a quiet space environment. However, it is not quiet in manned spacecraft. The sound source mainly comes from the life support system of manned spacecraft, especially fans, directional thrusters, water pumps, generators and control systems. When the astronaut’s attention is focused on the mission, these sounds will not cause any discomfort, but will become a great interference when resting and entertaining. According to research, even if the astronauts who have received strict training do not sleep for 72 hours, they will suffer from significant performance decline and error rate increase when they manually control rendezvous and docking, and their emotions will fall into anxiety, causing fatigue and even being unable to perform the key tasks. Lack of sleep will also affect basic cognitive functions, including alertness, cognitive speed and accuracy, working memory, reaction time, attention and agility, and even cause a series of mental health problems, affecting flight safety. < p > < p > therefore, researchers will carefully arrange the on orbit sleep of astronauts. Through scientific scheduling, astronauts can reasonably arrange their work and rest to ensure their adaptation to sleep. Secondly, researchers will reduce the light intensity in the rest area and create a night environment. In order to get a better quality of space sleep, astronauts must pay attention to the open face, keep good ventilation at the mouth and nose, and basically keep the body position fixed. Therefore, we should pay attention to the sleeping posture in space, otherwise it is not easy to have a good sleep! Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer