It turns out that the documentary was shot in this way, even the animals were confused, all blame the camera is not decent

When it comes to shooting, it is a very simple thing for any excrement removing officer, because you can record a video or take a picture anytime and anywhere when you pick up your mobile phone. But for some photographers, shooting and recording work is not so simple, especially to show us all kinds of lovely animals in nature, which requires skills, but this skill is also too funny!

if a photographer wants to show you the most real nature, he must be in the scene. Only in this way can he shoot a more perfect picture. For example, the picture of a lion hunting, but the photographer can only hide from photography far away, because the distance is close to the lion, either the lion runs or the photographer runs away.

when it comes to fear of stealing, we have to admire the BBC’s photography team. They can be said to have done the utmost in fear of stealing, because even animals don’t know whether to believe in “the same kind”!

in fact, when we talk about BBC, the first thing we think of is shocking documentaries. For this reason, we know more about the sea, forests and grasslands, and we love the rare wild animals. But even the animals are too confused to make such documentaries!

when the team of photographers wants to take pictures of marine life, the first thing they think of is underwater photography. But the diving depth of human is limited, and even if we can dive to shoot, we should ensure that the shooting target will not be frightened to escape, or cause casualties. So in order to shoot, we have to use fake fish to shoot.

for example, if you don’t know that this is an underwater camera, uncle definitely thinks it’s a nautilus. There are also turtles, this lifelike appearance, uncle can guarantee that no one of the marine life can see the clue. So, with these cameras that mimic marine life, you’ll be able to break into the “enemy interior” and steal the perfect picture.

just like this camera disguised as a big turtle, the camera fell to the ground without any resistance in front of the real tortoise. As for what the big tortoise wanted to do, of course, it was an indescribable thing, ha ha!

and this little crocodile, who was just born, didn’t realize that the “brother” next to him was fake, so he looked curiously along the direction of the camera, which was so cute.

what’s more funny is that in order to make the camera perfectly penetrate into the enemy’s interior, the photographer also makes the function of laying eggs for the camera. Just like this penguin video camera, in order to better penetrate into the penguin team, it even laid eggs in public. Even a group of penguins were forced to do nothing.

sometimes there is the situation that uncle said at the beginning. Even animals don’t know how to believe “the same kind”. Because a group of penguins are following the camera, these penguins actually take the camera as a guide, but who knows where these penguins will follow, ha ha!

not to mention marine life, turtles and penguins. Even primates can’t distinguish these simulation cameras very well. Just like this group of langurs, a fake “little monkey” was mixed into them, but what was the result? It’s funny that none of these langurs have been found.

so, when watching animal documentaries from animal world or BBC, we must thank those photographers who have been fighting for their lives behind the scenes. It is because of them that we have a perfect picture of the animals we can understand perfectly.

of course, we must not ignore some objects in the lens. Maybe it is the camera hidden in it. Maybe it is a dead bone staring at you, ha ha!

Author: zmhuaxia