It’s cheap to buy TV online, but you need to pay an installation fee

In the past two years, large size has become one of the key words in the TV industry. According to the data released by Suning e-buy, during 618 this year, the sales volume of 70 inch and above large-size TVs increased by 412% year on year. 618’s record is only one of the epitomes of the popularity of large-size TVs. According to the data of Ovi cloud, the share of 65 + large-size products in 2020h1 color TV market continues to expand. < p > < p > in the context of the color TV market entering the era of large screen consumption, nail technology has noticed that the price of products is declining all the way. From the perspective of e-commerce platform, the price of 55 inch products has come to about 1500 yuan, and the price of 65 inch products of some brands is as low as about 2000 yuan, even a 70 inch product can be bought at less than 3000 yuan. < / P > < p > for some families, TV replacement is not a big consumption, but nail technology also noticed that although online TV is cheap, consumers still need to pay an extra installation fee. < / P > < p > when nail technology inquired about the relevant brands on the e-commerce platform, it found that after purchasing the TV, the user needs to make an appointment for the installation business, and the brand will charge according to the TV size and installation method. Generally speaking, the larger the installation size, the more expensive the charge. For example, the base installation, the general charges ranging from 50-200 yuan; wall hanging installation ranging from 100-300 yuan. If you want to choose to install by yourself, the merchant will remind you that you need to buy the corresponding rack by yourself, and if there is an accident, the merchant will not bear the corresponding consequences. < / P > < p > when nail technology inquires about other big calls, businesses generally provide free installation services. Therefore, it seems that online TV is cheap, but there is still a payment link in the after-sales installation, which not only increases the cost of user replacement, but also makes the overall consumption experience worse for some consumers who do not know that they need to pay extra for the subsequent installation, which may affect consumers’ Cognition of the brand. < / P > < p > in fact, it’s not difficult to understand that this year, the price war in the TV market is becoming more and more fierce, and the major brands are driving down the price of their products again and again. Maybe they need to seek profits in other places, such as the setting of boot advertising and the collection of installation fees. < / P > < p > although the establishment of these links can help the brand alleviate the impact of the “price war”, in fact, consumers’ after-sales service experience and use experience have become worse, which may not be beneficial to the future of the brand. < / P > < p > because, this will lead to the decrease of consumers’ expectation for TV renewal, resulting in the lack of motivation for the whole industry, thus falling into a vicious circle and affecting the overall development of the industry. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer