It’s more expensive than charging Tesla. It costs 5 yuan in 15 minutes. Can I afford to share the power bank?

On May 4, 2017, after Chen Ou announced that “Jiedian” had obtained 300 million yuan of financing from Jumei Youpin, Wang Sicong sarcastically said in his circle of friends, “if sharing power bank can make me eat x, I will set up a post as a proof.” < p > < p > now, three years later, the once “military chaos” of the sharing power bank market has formed a situation of “four sides competing for hegemony” of “three electrics and one beast”. With street electricity, electricity, small electricity, monsters as the main shared power brand has achieved profits, turning the power bank into a cash cow.

market structure is set, and price rises are coming. Every time, Xiao Bian finds on micro-blog that there are still netizens sharing Tucao to charge too much money, which can not afford to use it. Even netizens make complaints about a brand’s charging treasure in 15 minutes to 5 yuan. < / P > < p > the shared power bank provides a convenient charging tool for consumers, so that people do not have to take the heavy charger out of the house, and it can timely supplement when the mobile phone needs electricity, which greatly facilitates everyone’s life. However, recently, the shared power bank has become more and more expensive. It is understood that the price of shared power bank on the market is mostly 1.5 yuan / half hour and 2 yuan / half hour. In scenic spots, cinemas and other areas, the price is higher, some are 2.5 yuan / half an hour, while scenic spots are 4 yuan / half an hour, or even 10 yuan / hour. < / P > < p > the Tesla Model 3 with 21700 batteries has a battery capacity of 55kwh and 75kwh respectively, and it takes about 50 or 70 degrees to fully charge. According to the electricity charge standard of domestic charging pile of Beijing State Grid of China, the charge for a full charge of 55kwh is about 26 yuan and that of 75kwh is about 32 yuan. If the public charging point is used, the cost is about twice that of the domestic charging point. The battery life of the model version is less than 327p / hour, and the maximum power consumption is about 10 yuan / hour. < / P > < p > it can be seen that the average price of using the shared power bank has exceeded the price of charging Tesla at home, almost equal to the price of using the public charging point. You know, this is only a price comparison based on unit time. If you calculate according to the actual charging capacity, the price of shared power bank is more expensive than Tesla.

according to media reports, for netizens Tucao share the price of charging treasure, the customer service of street electric said that some of the recent prices of the cabinet were slightly improved, and the stores in different regions make complaints about the market according to the market situation, not the platform’s unified price increase. Monster charging also said that different businesses have different charging standards. In 2015, with the rise of the concept of sharing economy, the sharing power bank was born. According to relevant data, 355 companies related to power bank registered in 2015. < p > < p > in 2017, the shared power bank industry ushered in a peak time. Statistics show that the total investment and financing of the shared power bank industry in 2017 exceeded the sum of other years in 2015-2019. < / P > < p > but after the peak is the abyss. The shared power bank market ushered in a cold winter at the end of 2017, a large number of sharing power bank enterprises closed down, and the industry ushered in a major reshuffle. In the next few years, the market structure gradually established. According to the data, by the first half of 2019, the market share of street power has exceeded 40%, while the market share of other enterprises other than three power and one animal is only 3.3%. < / P > < p > in the second half of 2018, most brands are still priced at 1 yuan / hour. In August 2019, the shared power bank appeared on CCTV, but the content is that the rent is rising quietly. < / P > < p > according to CCTV finance and economics report, at that time, the highest charging standard of the shared power bank of various brands in scenic spots, ports and other areas with large traffic, good location, relatively difficult to enter or maintain was 8 yuan / hour; the average rent of most scenes was 2-4 yuan / hour. < / P > < p > “from our point of view, changing from 1 yuan to 2 yuan does not have much impact on users.” “Users can accept it because it is just needed,” said Vice President of Shenzhen Jiedian Technology Co., Ltd. in an interview with CCTV < / P > < p > after the price increase, the shared power bank enterprises also began to make profits. According to the financial report of Jumei Youpin, Jiedian, its shared charging enterprise, has achieved annual profit in 2018. In the fiscal year of 2018-2019, the revenue of street power exceeded 6.8 billion yuan, and the operating profit was about 37 million yuan. Other companies, such as small power, incoming call and monster charging, also announced profits in 2019. < / P > < p > according to the Beijing News, Internet watcher Daoshi said: “it is a logic to increase the price of shared power bank and shared bicycle. After the preliminary competition and the reshuffle of the market pattern, the head enterprises will be out of the market, and the consumption habits of users will also be cultivated. Today, adjusting prices and making profits is a reasonable business development path. ” According to the Beijing Youth Daily, the price increase is caused by a combination of multiple reasons, such as businesses’ demand for higher pricing to obtain higher share income. Of course, the more important reason also includes the continuous rise of channel operation cost. < p > < p > according to the data, the enterprises sharing the power bank are facing the gradually rising admission fee and profit sharing. Some people in the sharing economy industry said that, according to his understanding, the average profit sharing of the sharing power bank industry to the merchants is about 20%, and some special points can reach 50% or even 70%, “the higher the use frequency of the shared power bank, the higher the share of the merchants at this point will be.” < p > < p > Ren Wu, an insider of a leading enterprise in the shared power bank industry, also said that at some strategic points, the profit draw of merchants should reach 50%. She said that this is due to the different profit sharing between strategic sites and business model sites. According to Ren Wu, the prices of enterprises in shopping malls and restaurants are similar. However, the use price of the shared power bank in the core locations such as bars, clubs and Internet cafes will be higher, and the revenue will also be higher. For example, a 16 hole machine located in a bar may be able to get thousands or tens of thousands of running water a day, but in some places, it only costs tens of yuan a day. < / P > < p > in fact, the previous low-cost strategy of shared power bank is only a means of commercial promotion. For the sharing power bank industry, whose main profit source is rent, it is inevitable to raise the price. Enterprises need to gradually ease the pressure of losses caused by huge subsidies, gradually improve the standard of fees and reduce the income gap, which is also conducive to the follow-up financing of enterprises. < / P > < p > with the recovery of the industry, capital is also pouring in again. In December 2019, monster charging obtained 500 million financing. In May this year, meituan suddenly entered the power bank industry and launched a crazy push. In July, small power technology received the listing guidance and planned to be listed on the gem to sprint to “share the first share of power bank”. < p > < p > according to a report released by iResearch in late March this year, the number of users in the shared power bank market will be about 250 million in 2019, with a compound growth rate of about 44.9% in the next three years, which still has great growth potential. < p > < p > according to the report of iResearch, the emergence of 5g mobile phones makes the battery’s endurance capacity face greater challenges. Games, video and other applications will be more popular in 5g era, accelerating the power consumption of mobile phones. However, it will take 5 years for the battery technology to make a major breakthrough, and 20 years for the long time, which means that it has left a long time for the development of the shared power bank. < / P > < p > in fact, looking back, it is “the general trend” to increase the price of the shared power bank. However, it is difficult for consumers to accept the trend of “charging on time” from the perspective of “charging stations on time”. However, it must be noted that the product added value of the power bank is not high, and with the continuous development of production technology, it will continue to decrease. In other words, in the context of continuous price increase, if the shared power bank can not provide a better service experience, consumers will still tend to “buy the power bank” rather than “rent the power bank”. If the sharing power bank industry does not return to the scope of low-cost sharing economy, the future development path will be smaller and smaller. 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