It’s not difficult for doctors to disclose anti-cancer methods, if you can, or can prolong the survival time

It is often heard that if you get cancer, you don’t have much time to live. The cancer diagnosis form is almost the same as the death notice. But there are also people who are very good at fighting cancer. < / P > < p > first of all, don’t be frightened by cancer, and actively treat it to overcome fear. The psychological changes of patients diagnosed with cancer in the hospital are mostly like this: first they are surprised, then they can’t believe it, then they regret what they have done before, and finally they are desperate. However, many people here have given up treatment, but patients who can prolong the survival period still have a fifth stage, that is, acceptance. < / P > < p > be able to accept the fact that you have cancer from your heart, so that you can get along with cancer better and overcome the fear of cancer. If a person is in a low and negative mood for a long time, the functions in the body will also lose power because of less hormone secretion. How can it be relatively resistant to cancer? Overcoming fear and adjusting mentality is the first step to help resist cancer and prolong survival time. < p > < p > secondly, change the past living habits and cut off the source of cancer deterioration. Many diseases are caused by poor living habits of patients. Since this bad habit has induced cancer, we can’t let it go. For example, lung cancer patients smoking, gastric cancer patients with long-term irregular diet, breast cancer patients often angry, these are the factors that can lead to the deterioration of cancer. < / P > < p > if you want to prolong your life span and fight against cancer, the best way is to cut off the previous living habits and correct all the factors that can easily lead to cancer deterioration. Many doctors will also advise cancer patients to establish good living habits, eat, sleep and exercise regularly. Only good living habits can have a good impact on the body and help people resist cancer more efficiently. < / P > < p > the third secret recipe is to exercise more, improve one’s resistance and prolong the survival time. Many patients in the late stage of cancer treatment, because of their poor resistance, difficult to accept the intensity of treatment, have to give up some treatment, which also leads to the final treatment results deviation. Only cancer patients often take appropriate exercise, through walking, Tai Chi and other sports to enhance their physique, in order to better fight against cancer. < / P > < p > there are many successful cancer patients who share their own experience and will mention their exercise experience. Exercise and fitness is not only a slogan, but also a good way for cancer patients to promote metabolism and enhance their physique. For example, gastric cancer patients with appropriate running exercise, can help the body blood circulation, promote intestinal peristalsis, help the body better digestion. There are liver cancer patients through exercise can also enhance liver function, so that liver cells faster detoxification function. < / P > < p > most of the time, exercise can not only regulate the various functions of the body, but also exercise the heart and lung, and make people look more energetic. Cancer patients often do exercise, can better accept the treatment plan, but also can eliminate the sick body. < / P > < p > cancer is no longer an incurable disease. Doctors are also using their professional knowledge to help more people resist cancer. In addition to complete cure, prolonging the survival period is also a good choice for cancer patients. These anti-cancer methods disclosed by doctors may prolong the survival period. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!