It’s not easy to hold on to now. Kirin 985 and Xiaolong 865 are both on sale

A few days ago, Qualcomm has announced the snapdragon 865 plus chip, and Huawei and Apple’s 5nm chips have been disclosed for a long time, or will gradually enter the field of vision in more than a month. In the second half of the year, another round of new machine competition will begin. Take a look at the changing speed of mobile phones. The flagship models of Kirin 985 and Xiaolong 865 have been on the market for only a year and a half, and now they are all beginning to reduce their prices. In the case of new phones in the rear and many low-end 5g mobile phones in the front, it is not easy to hold on to now.

the most representative model of Kirin 985 is glory 30. Last year’s glory 20 is famous for its high cost performance and stable price. This year, we have high expectations for upgrading the product glory 30. When it was launched in April, the price of the machine started at 2999 yuan. Although it was slightly higher than last year, it was loaded with dual-mode 5g function. At the same time, the configuration was upgraded, so the price rise was not surprising. However, the price of the machine has been reduced by 300 yuan now, and it has almost returned to the price of glory 20 when it was listed. It is also very rare and more conscientious.

how conscientious is it? Of course, we should consider the specific configuration of glory 30. It adopts Kirin 9855g SOC + 40 million ultra wide angle AI four camera and 32 million self timer. In addition, it also has 4000mAh battery, 40W wired fast charging + 6.53 inch OLED single hole screen design. These configurations allow the glory 30 to be fluent, awesome, and consistent with the current trend, and importantly, you can experience 50 times the ultra stable telephoto effect and the upgraded screen fingerprint unlock. These products at least have advantages over other similar products, such as the processor Huawei Nova 7, the price of glory 30 is a little more affordable.

in addition, if you look at the representative models of the snapdragon 865, the redmi K30 Pro is the most discussed one. Its cost performance ratio is well-known in the industry. In this way, the most popular version of 8 + 128GB has dropped from 3399 yuan to 2699 yuan, with a fluctuation of 700 yuan. In fact, since its debut, the machine is still quite popular. In the increasingly fierce market competition, it has been standing steadily in the C position.

of course, it also benefits from the excellent strength of redmi K30 pro. The 8 + 128GB version starts to have the iron triangle configuration of snapdragon 865 + lpddr5 + ufs3.1 performance, which shows the strength of redmi K30 pro. In addition, it also has 4700mah large battery, 33W fast flash charging, excellent 64 million four cameras, and Samsung AMOLED pop-up full screen appearance design, etc. details such as linear motor and dual band GPS are all available. Therefore, the performance price ratio of redmi K30 Pro after the price reduction has reached a higher level.

in fact, the strengths of glory 30 and remdi K30 Pro are still outstanding in the industry. Now Qi’s price reduction has also revealed a lot of information points. In the future, the flagship machines of various major brands that have already been listed may have fluctuating prices to balance the market competition. Of course, medium and low-end products with price to price ratio may not be alone. So, for those of you who need to buy a machine, do you want to start enjoying this wave of welfare in time or wait and see?

Author: zmhuaxia