It’s not sweet to be forced to change things, which makes Huawei’s 5g a little embarrassed now

After the launch of iPhone 11, cook specially explained to the media why the iPhone 11 series did not support 5g, and this statement became another iron evidence that Huawei powder ran against apple. Up to now, we can still see that Huawei is enjoying talking about 5g. However, as time goes by, Huawei and a number of netizens find that although the current 5g construction is optimistic, it is a little awkward in terms of the location of its application scenarios. < / P > < p > If anyone who buys a mobile phone will consider 4G mobile phone at this stage, it is estimated that he will receive “friendly and cordial” greetings from others. But now the plot has reversed, greeting people from 5g mobile phone users to 4G mobile phone users, why? Because the Ministry of industry and information technology released a report last week, a group of data let Xiaobian tiger body a shock, quite surprised. According to the report, from January to July this year, the number of 4G users in China reached 1287.59 million, and the growth rate was still 3.4%. You should know that under the single operation of domestic manufacturers, 2020 seems to be the first year of 5g. According to the normal logic, 5g construction speed is very fast now, but 4G users are still growing rapidly in 2020. In this situation, it is estimated that Huawei, the “5g leader”, and a number of manufacturers are embarrassed? < / P > < p > I guess some people will scornfully say, “and, only 3.4%, is a hammer?” If you think so, you are wrong! Let me give you an account based on the math level of primary school: at present, the popularity rate of 4G in China is about 80.6%, and it is not difficult for us to find out that there are still about 42.34 million new 4G users who choose 4G in this so-called 5g year. I think that’s why Apple still hasn’t launched 5g in the iPhone 11. < / P > < p > maybe you think that more than 40 million people still belong to the minority group, so what’s the situation of 5g? It is also from the Ministry of industry and information technology. The data shows that from January to July 2020, the sales of 5g mobile phones in China will be about 86.23 million. Although this data is really huge compared with 4G mobile phones, do you know how many users of the three operators add up? 1.6 billion! Does 86.23 million units belong to a small minority group compared with the huge group of 1.6 billion total users? < / P > < p > when Xiaobian saw this group of data, he was quite shocked. Why is this result? You can clearly see that major domestic manufacturers are making great efforts to help 5g’s development, while Huawei has been promoted to the altar because of 5g. In the interactive community, we can often see Huawei’s 5gdis Apple users and users of other brands, just like 5g on their side. However, the fact is exactly the opposite: 5g users are the minority group in the crowd. Xiaobian has been thinking about this issue for a long time. I think that the reason why 4G can maintain a strong growth rate is “user demand”. Although 5g has been described vividly and vividly by major manufacturers, it becomes the difference between “Buyer show” and “seller show” in the hands of users. Xiaobian also found some clues from the app download statistics of major app stores, because in this so-called 5g first year, the number of downloads of network speed measuring software has increased dramatically. 5g speed is really attractive, passing the speed test is really better than 4G, but the point is that 4G happens to be enough. Although 5g is fast, it is only reflected in speed measurement and download. But once put into the application scenario, the performance is not as good as that of 4G. For example, in addition to the reasons for writing articles, we often need to browse various information websites. However, there are still great differences in the opening speed of these websites under the same network environment. Even if some websites have the blessing of 5g, the loading icon still keeps rotating. < / P > < p > in addition, Xiaobian is also a game enthusiast, and large-scale E-sports games are Xiaobian’s favorite. The network changes are more obvious, and 4G network card is still used in 5g network. Even if 5g is fast, the delay will still be delayed. Why should I use 5g? Therefore, Xiaobian thinks that the transition from 4G to 5g is not like what the manufacturers publicize. It is not easy to “change planes” and always go to heaven and shoulder to shoulder with the sun. In fact, after 4G blowout, 5g transition should be a sustained and slow process. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer