It’s time to come! The four big banks “acted”, and Alipay and WeChat had “Misery”.

For 1.4 billion Chinese, the change of payment method will affect everyone’s daily life, so every time the payment method is changed, everyone is extremely concerned. At present, the familiar payment method should be mobile payment. Among them, the two most familiar mobile payment giants are WeChat payment and Alipay. These two payment giants are deeply sought after by Chinese people.

reported that according to the relevant data, the third party payment platform Alipay occupies 48.44% of the market share at the end of the first quarter of this year, ranking first. The market share of wechat payment is 33.59%. This means that in the mobile payment market, WeChat accounts for 80% of the total market share of Alipay’s two giants. Today, with the continuous development of the Internet industry, the volume of mobile payment business also maintains a growing trend. It is reported that in the first quarter of this year, both the mobile payment business and the amount of money increased year-on-year, by 14.29% and 4.84% respectively.

from the current situation, Alipay and WeChat payment can be said to be the “King” of the mobile payment industry. However, a recent news came, Alipay and WeChat payment ushered in the “challenge.” < p > < p > on August 6, the news of large-scale internal testing of digital currency by four major banks caused heated discussion among netizens. And the reason why this news is controversial is that it means that there may be another major change in the way China pays. < / P > < p > so what is a digital currency? Does this name sound very tall? In fact, the so-called digital currency is the electronic version of RMB. In fact, its functions and properties are almost the same as the paper money we use now, and there is no difference.

, however, the biggest difference between the banknotes and the notes that you are using now is that digital money is digitalized. When you use it, you do not need to bind WeChat payment or Alipay, so long as you have digital wallet with other people on your mobile phone. And even without the Internet, as long as the mobile phone has power, it can transfer the digital currency of your digital wallet to others.

if digital currency is really popularized across the country, it will have a certain impact on Alipay and WeChat payment. In fact, the emergence of digital currency is also a kind of progress.

although at present, Alipay and WeChat pay for the emergence of the two major mobile payment giants, greatly facilitating people’s lives and payment methods. But we also know that many elderly people will never use mobile phone at all, and will not pay by Alipay or WeChat. For such people, the payment method has not been improved, and they must also carry cash and wallet. < / P > < p > however, if digital currency is used, their payment methods will also be improved. As mentioned above, as long as two people have digital wallets in their mobile phones, even if there is no network, two mobile phones touching each other can transfer their mobile phone’s digital currency to others. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?