It’s very difficult to photograph flowers in macro range? It’s so easy to master these tricks and make perfect pictures

One of the most favorite photography styles of many photographers is to take macro images of flowers. With special macro lens, you can take beautiful pictures even near your home. < / P > < p > in cloudy days, the light line can make the color of the image full, and the light has a smooth and gradual effect, which can eliminate bright highlights and heavy shadows. This is very useful for taking pictures of flowers, especially for color, which is the expression of color, which is a period of special brilliance. In addition, cloudy days may be accompanied by rain and mist, which adds to the moody atmosphere of shooting in this light. < / P > < p > on the contrary, macro floral images taken during & quot; prime time & quot; can enhance the artistic sense and create a warm and attractive atmosphere for your photos. Although it is likely that you will lose the original realistic color and tone when you shoot an image, you will usually get a special effect in a unique light. < / P > < p > if you want to shoot in the sun, avoid midday. At this point, it will cast a dazzling light, not to mention the smoothing effect. Also note that you usually shoot in a dark environment, such as under large leaves, between flowers, etc. Although you can use a larger aperture, a slower shutter speed can affect the shutter speed and cause unnecessary camera jitter and blur. In addition, if you shoot with a dedicated macro lens, focus the entire flower with a higher than normal f / aperture. Combined with the above, in very unstable shooting conditions, you may have to improve ISO to get a clear image. < / P > < p > when you choose how to compose, try to explore different shooting locations. Usually, the macro flower image is taken at the eye level, which is also the common shooting angle, and will not shoot images with special effects. So try shooting directly down from high, or close to the ground and toward the sky. < / P > < p > if you change the angle of view slightly, you will be surprised at what the camera takes. Depending on your intention to shoot, it may be helpful to include other flowers in the background rather than just one for shooting. Because you use a large aperture, or at least a shallow depth of field, enough to blur the background, the focus will remain clear and stand out from the image. < / P > < p > speaking of this, you should always pay attention to the background, because color and shape greatly affect the intensity of the image. Although you may be limited to a certain location, nothing can prevent you from exploring your surroundings. Please take some time to look around and choose the best location to shoot according to your wishes. < / P > < p > a great technique for shooting flowers is to use a water spray bottle to make morning fog. When combined with a large aperture, this effect is very good, it can shoot beautiful reflection astigmatism and other interesting effects. If you want to take this technology to a new level, you can add some glycerin to the aqueous solution. Glycerin not only makes your droplets larger and rounder, but also evaporates longer and does not drip onto the petals. < / P > < p > since most of the flowers are in a small environment, you can easily manipulate the shooting elements. Try using reflectors or other inexpensive patterned backgrounds for macro images. By using free colors, you can greatly change the hue of an image. < / P > < p > if you do not have a dedicated macro lens, you can use a proximity lens. Adding the proximity lens to the fixed focus lens can achieve the same effect as the expensive special lens, and still maintain the magnification of 1:1. New product launch