Japanese astronauts took it to the international space station

Tokyo, November 17 (people’s daily) at 9:27 a.m. on November 16, Japanese astronaut Congyi Noguchi’s “dragon” spaceship was launched. Japan’s aerospace research and development agency said the Noguchi astronauts will stay at the international space station for about half a year. How to relieve the pressure of long-term stay in Japan? “Space Japanese food” came into being. According to Japanese media reports, the “space fried chicken nuggets” developed by Rosen appeared in the food brought to the space station by the Noguchi astronauts. According to the report, the “space fried chicken nuggets” made by freeze-drying can perfectly restore the flavor of Rosen’s signature commodity “Japanese style chicken nuggets”, and can be eaten directly after opening. Moreover, in order to prevent the machine failure caused by the scattering of fine powder when eating, the space fried chicken pieces are about half the size of ordinary fried chicken pieces, which can be swallowed in one bite. < / P > < p > Rosen is not the only one to join in the development of space food. The Chubi salad dressing of Nissin food was certified as “space Japanese food” by JAXA as early as 2007. Later, Nissin successively launched “Nissin space cup noodles” and “Nissin space chicken Ramen”. This time, Noguchi also brought into the space station “U.F.O. space Rishi fried noodles”. The development of this space food really stems from Noguchi’s wish that “he would like to eat his favorite Japanese fried noodles in space”. According to Japanese media reports, the market size of space food is expected to reach several hundred billion yen by 2040. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia