Japan’s equipment is comparable to a lithography machine, with 800 million sets monopolizing the world, while Samsung and BOE rush to buy them

Recently, LG and Samsung have announced that they will give up LCD screen and focus on OLED screen, and Apple will soon launch the full range of OLED screen iPhone. It is not difficult to see from this that, according to public data, Canon Tokki was founded in 1967. It seems that Canon Tokki is just a township enterprise with only a few hundred employees. However, Canon Tokki controls the lifeblood of OLED screen manufacturing. The vacuum steaming machine produced by Canon Tokki is bought by Samsung and BOE, which is comparable to the existence of lithography machine. The reason why Canon Tokki’s vacuum evaporation machine is so popular is that it can effectively improve the yield of OLED screen due to its only 5 micron error. < / P > < p > at present, only Canon Tokki can do this. Apple claims that a company that wants to enter Apple’s OLED panel production line must have Canon Tokki steamer. Luo Yonghao also said that at present, no company can achieve the accuracy of Canon Tokki. The reason why Samsung can be king in the field of OLED is also inseparable from Canon Tokki’s help. < / P > < p > all of Canon Tokki’s early vacuum evaporators were included by Samsung. Today, Samsung still enjoys the priority of Canon Tokki. This is also an important reason why Samsung’s OLED panel can lead the industry. In the difficult period at the beginning of Canon Tokki’s development, it was with the help of SamSung that Canon Tokki achieved its present achievements. Therefore, Canon Tokki had such special treatment for Samsung. At that time, LCD screen still occupied the mainstream position, while OLED screen was not accepted by the public because of its high price and low compliance rate. Therefore, Canon Tokki was on the verge of bankruptcy. However, Samsung is very optimistic about the development of OLED, and vigorously supports Canon Tokki. It was not until 1996 that Canon Tokki reached the small and medium-sized batch production of OLED equipment. In this way, Samsung and Canon Tokki have reached a win-win situation. According to the data released by IHS, Samsung is undoubtedly the first in the small and medium-sized OLED panel market with its 95% super high share. It should be noted that the production capacity of Canon Tokki vacuum evaporation machine is not large, with less than 10 units a year, just like EUV lithography. < / P > < p > in this case, the price of Canon Tokki steamer is not low. It is reported that the price of a vacuum evaporation machine in Canon Tokki is as high as US $1.14, equivalent to RMB 800 million. However, in the face of such a large demand, Canon Tokki has only a few hundred employees, one is because it takes a lot of energy and money to train talents, and the other is to prevent the disclosure of company secrets. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo