Japan’s equipment status is comparable to that of lithography machines, monopolizing 95% of the global market, with 800 million units in short supply

If the semiconductor chip industry is compared to the crown of manufacturing industry, the lithography machine is the Pearl of the crown, and EUV lithography machine can be called the Pearl of light. In the process of chip manufacturing and production, the importance of lithography is self-evident. It is worth noting that there is a Japanese enterprise production equipment status is comparable to lithography.

this enterprise is Canon Tokki of Japan, and its equipment is vacuum evaporation lithography machine. As we all know, the only enterprise that can produce EUV lithography machine in the world is ASML company in the Netherlands, and Canon Tokki has a good position in the industry, monopolizing 95% of the high-end market in the world and holding the throat of the OLED industry.

compared with LCD screen, OLED screen is lighter, faster reaction speed, and low temperature resistance, so it can be made into curved screen. Therefore, OLED screen is also regarded as the future development direction of the industry. In the production process of OLED screen, the most important and the most difficult process is “steaming”, so the vacuum steaming machine is very important.

it is reported that the sixth generation of flexible OLED production line can be mass produced ahead of schedule because Jingdong has obtained Canon Tokki’s vacuum evaporation machine. Samsung can monopolize the production and supply of small and medium sized OLED screens, which is also related to Canon Tokki’s vacuum evaporation machine. It can be seen that both Samsung and BOE are inseparable from the vacuum evaporation machine.

in fact, Canon Tokki is not the only global evaporation equipment manufacturer, but its advantages of mass production stability and mature technology are unmatched. Generally speaking, in addition to the luminescent material, every pixel and metal electrode in the OLED screen is evaporated by the steamer. Canon Tokki can control the error within 5 microns.

at present, except Canon Tokki, no company in the world can achieve the accuracy of 5 μ M. The production of Canon Tokki vacuum evaporation machine is limited due to the high difficulty process. The industry forecasts that the annual output of Canon Tokki vacuum evaporation machine is between a few and a dozen. The supply of Canon Tokki vacuum evaporation machine is obviously in short supply in the market.

because of this, Canon Tokki’s vacuum evaporation machine is very expensive, reaching US $114 million, about RMB 798 million. But even if the price is close to 800 million yuan, Canon Tokki vacuum evaporation machine is hard to find in the market, because 70% of the equipment produced by Canon Tokki every year is provided to Japanese and Korean screen manufacturers.

Samsung is the most noteworthy one. In the early years, the development of Canon Tokki was not very good. It was because of Samsung’s help that it could survive in the industry and move to the present position. Therefore, the vacuum evaporation machine produced by Canon Tokki always gives priority to Samsung, which is one of the reasons for the rapid development of Samsung OLED screen.

we have to admit that Samsung’s judgment and grasp of industrial trends and technologies are very accurate, which is worth learning. At present, there is no enterprise in China to produce vacuum steaming machine, so it still needs efforts to avoid “neck sticking”.

Author: zmhuaxia