Japan’s legislation to attract private enterprises to participate in space development

According to Japan’s report on September 22, it was learned on the 21st that a coalition of members from the Liberal Democratic Party and the constitutional parties drafted a bill to allow private enterprises to own the resources collected in space. No progress has been made in international legislation on the ownership of space resources. If Japan enacts relevant laws, it will become another precedent after the United States and Luxembourg. The goal of the coalition is to introduce legislation as soon as possible at the next interim Congress. According to the report, the bill was drafted by a coalition of about 20 members of Parliament from all parties, which is called the “universal basic law follow-up members’ agreement meeting”. According to the report, the agreement will be drafted. According to the bill, enterprises that collect space resources according to the project plan submitted in advance can enjoy the right to dispose of the resources while increasing their income. < p > < p > the report pointed out that the “follow up members’ agreement meeting on the basic law of the universe” recognized the private enterprise’s ownership of space resources and promoted the legislation of the Legislative Council, aiming to prevent Japan from falling behind in the increasingly fierce competition for space development. If Japan is at a disadvantage in the competition for obtaining moon water resources, it may lead to the decline of national strength in the future. < p > < p > on May 4, 2019, in Hokkaido, Japan, a small rocket “Momo” 3, independently developed by a Japanese private enterprise, interstellar technology, was launched. This is the first time that a rocket independently developed and manufactured by a Japanese private enterprise has successfully entered space. Xinhua News Agency / AP= https://twhosting.com/counterpoint-announced-top-5-best-selling-models-domestic-iphone-11-tops-the-list/ target=_ blank>Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list