Japan’s “skyrocketing mobile phone” is in cold weather. When it comes to the market, the price is comparable to that of apple, and no one has bought the cliff cut price

In the smartphone market, apple phones are synonymous with high-end products. In addition to luxury brands, only Samsung Note Series and S series, as well as Huawei mate series and P series, have little difference with iPhone in price. But Japan has a “skyrocketing phone” that, when launched, is comparable to Apple’s iPhone 11, which is the Sony Xperia 5. < / P > < p > on September 24, 2019, Sony released Xperia 5, a new member of its flagship mobile phone series, with a starting price of 5399 yuan, while the national version of iPhone 11 released on September 11 sold for 5499 yuan, only 100 yuan more than Xperia 5. Although the price difference between the two mobile phones is not big, the sales situation is quite different, and the iPhone 11 is popular all over the world. < / P > < p > but Sony Xperia 5 has just come into the market, and no one has bought it even if there is “cliff price cut”. On the third-party e-commerce platform, the price of Sony Xperia 5 has reached 4399 yuan, but the cumulative evaluation is still 0. As a comparison, the cumulative evaluation of iPhone 11 is 3.35 million +. So why is Sony Xperia 5 so unpopular with domestic consumers? < / P > < p > in fact, from the point of view of hardware configuration, Sony Xperia 5 is commendable. It is equipped with snapdragon 855 processor, has 6GB + 128GB storage, and is equipped with 12 million triple cameras and “Sony”, which can bring a good photographic experience. In addition, Sony Xperia 5 also has a 6.1-inch OLED full screen, 3140 MAH battery and 18W fast charging. But with the price of 5399 yuan, Sony Xperia 5 has no cost performance to speak of. Even if the price is reduced to 4399 yuan, the price performance ratio is not high. < / P > < p > you should know that in the Chinese market, no matter how good the performance is, it will be futile. What’s more, Sony Xperia 5’s performance in all aspects is not outstanding, so it’s reasonable that no one will pay attention to it. < / P > < p > and from the sales of Xperia 5, we can also see the current situation of Sony mobile phone brand in China — “sell well but not win”. The reason is not only the low cost performance, but also related to the following aspects. < / P > < p > nowadays, the demand for smart phones is to adapt to the changes and externalization. However, the appearance of Sony mobile phones has always remained unchanged, which is hard to be accepted in the Chinese market. Moreover, compared with huami ov’s continuous innovation in configuration, Sony mobile phones have been eating the old money, naturally unable to attract consumers. < / P > < p > in China, the number of offline channels such as Sony’s Direct stores is small. Most consumers can only purchase genuine Sony mobile phones through the official website and various e-commerce platforms, so they can’t enjoy the experience first and then purchase the machine. < p > < p > throughout the marketing of domestic mobile phone brands, in recent two years, they have been all-round bombing online and offline. Sony, on the other hand, is hard to find in its online and offline marketing. It has not only no advertising, no endorsement, but also no counter in the physical stores. As a result, Sony’s sense of presence is not strong. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year