Jiang Jun: how to build cars with internet thinking?

Xiaomi is highly praised for Internet thinking. Lei Jun’s famous theory of tuyere: pigs can fly in the wind; Lei Jun’s seven word formula for Internet thinking: focus, extreme, reputation, fast! These have also enabled Xiaomi to achieve 200 billion yuan in a few years and become one of the world’s top 500 companies. I think Xiaomi’s success is the success of Internet thinking, fans and community. < / P > < p > don’t believe it – Tesla was created by Elon Musk, who doesn’t know cars, with the cross-border thinking of the Internet. It has become the most powerful electric vehicle in the world, and its market value has surpassed that of Ford, an old car manufacturer. < / P > < p > don’t believe it, you can also see – Gibbs, his ff911, has successfully built a prototype car, raised billions of dollars, and successfully let real estate tycoon boss Xu enter the Bureau… It is said that next year, mass production can be achieved, and it is estimated that it is not far from the money of Americans in the listing circle. < p > < p > if you don’t believe it, you have to see it more. In just four years, Li Bin has led Weilai to successfully list on the New York Stock Exchange of the United States. Leibs sent a congratulatory telegram: congratulations to Weilai, congratulations to Li Bin, the Shunwei capital investment brand of rebos href= https://twhosting.com/yueshang-group-has-become-the-third-social-e-commerce-service-platform-listed-in-china-after-being-gathered-in-pinduoduo/ target=_ blank>Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo