Jingdong exclusive debut Nikon Z5 “hot 8 shopping season” appointment ceremony

Nikon Z5 is one of the most popular products in the camera industry this year. Not yet on sale, there are big wholesale enthusiasts on the wish list, waiting for the opportunity to move at any time, just for sale. Just now, Nikon China announced that Nikon Z5 will be launched exclusively in Jingdong. During the “hot 8 shopping season” of Jingdong from August 12 to August 18, the appointment channel has been opened and the spot goods can be delivered quickly at the first time, which is the best time for the fans of SLR to start! < / P > < p > as the exclusive launch e-commerce platform of Nikon Z5, Jingdong provides a number of value-added services for users during the launch of new products Service, including 2-year full replacement, 4-year full warranty, extended warranty to 5 years, etc. In addition to the exclusive launch of Nikon Z5 new products, Jingdong also launched the Nikon d750 SLR camera flash sale activity during the “hot 8 shopping season” of Jingdong, which dropped 300 yuan. In addition, several popular products of Nikon are listed on the list of popular products of Jingdong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., providing consumers with multiple purchase options. As far as we know, Nikon Z5 positioning is an entry-level full frame micro single camera. In terms of body design, Nikon Z5 is quite friendly to photography Xiaobai, with double SD card slots, which can reduce the shooting cost. Although the positioning is “entry-level”, Nikon Z5 is equipped with a 24.32-megapixel full frame sensor. Dark shooting can also achieve good image quality and rendering function. Night photos produce large films! < / P > < p > the main point is that Nikon Z5 has VR shock absorption function and five axis anti shake ability, which is the gospel of hand shaking and virtual focus people. At the same time, this camera is equipped with 273 point self-regulation Dynamic focus system supports the eye focus of people and animals, static shooting and vlog camera shooting are not a problem! < / P > < p > at present, it is the hot start of “hot 8 shopping season” in Jingdong. During this period, consumers can not only have a new appointment of Nikon Z5 NEW products micro order and other new products, but also enjoy other super value electrical benefits of Jingdong “hot 8 shopping season”, such as daily limited collection of large amount Discount coupons, computer digital, home appliances and other good value second kill, select big brand ultra-low discount and other activities in turn. In the “hot 8 shopping season” of Jingdong, there are big discounts every day, and the surprise layer is very different! < A= https://twhosting.com/video-number-assistant-internal-test-online-four-functions-let-you-send-1g-video-on-the-computer/ target=_ blank>Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer