Jingdong has entered the fast track of development healthily and won the attention and recognition of capital market

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, during the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation in August 6, after several years of precipitation, “Internet plus medical treatment” quickly realized the effective allocation of high-quality medical resources in time and space, and was widely recognized and applied. Users’ demand for online medical consultation, chronic disease prescription purchase and health science education has increased significantly. Internet technology has been rapidly popularized in the field of medical services, and the internet medical enterprises represented by Jingdong health have also made rapid development.

it is understood that Jingdong health was officially separated from Jingdong group in May 2019. With the rapid expansion in the past year and the promotion of the epidemic situation to the medical and health industry, Jingdong health has entered the fast track of development.

according to relevant data, the revenue of Jingdong pharmacy has exceeded that of the four major drug retail chain listed companies, and Jingdong health retail business has become the largest pharmaceutical retail channel in China. In the internet medical sector, since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Jingdong Internet hospital has taken the lead in providing free consultation service in all departments of the country, with an average daily consultation volume of more than 100000 person times. Based on the strong supply chain ability and medical service ability, the online closed-loop mode of “medicine + medicine” is the most differentiated advantage of Jingdong health.

in May 2020, Mizuho, one of the largest investment banks in Japan, issued a research report, upgrading the rating of Jingdong group from “neutral” to “buy”. James Lee, an analyst of Mizuho, wrote in the report: “there are significant opportunities for online pharmacies, and the new coronavirus has brought a pull effect on necessities.” The report is optimistic about the reform of China’s pharmaceutical retail industry, saying that the industry is seeking to transfer drug sales from hospitals and clinics to retail stores, and estimates its total potential market value at 2 trillion yuan.

according to the public data, JD health obtained more than US $1 billion in financing in May 2019. The investors include CPE China fund, CICC capital and other well-known investment institutions in the industry. On November 15, 2019, Jingdong group disclosed that Jingdong health completed a round of financing, with a post investment valuation of about 7 billion US dollars.

after more than a year of rapid development, the valuation of Jingdong health has also risen. For the previous valuation of $7 billion, industry insiders generally believe that this figure is not enough to represent the real value of Jingdong health. According to previous media reports, JD health has plans to prepare for listing, and the current industry valuation of JD health has risen to about $30 billion. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia