Jingdong Jinji award in 2020: 5g mobile phone leads the fun Award

On the evening of August 16, 2020 Jingdong Jinji award officially came to an end. This year’s awards are obviously different from those of previous years, because this year, no matter in the selection mechanism or in the establishment of awards, it is unusual to interpret “hard data” lightly and pay more attention to “soft power”. Because the original intention of Jingdong to set up golden machine Award is to provide authoritative consumption guide for consumers to purchase machines, so the setting of awards is more and more inclined to user experience. The selection standard of 2020 annuity machine Award is to further shorten the distance with users, and strive to truly reflect the needs of users. Award design is closer to the needs of users, but also with some small playful. A total of 14 awards, including data category, characteristic brand / product, public and media voting category, are specially set up, including strength circle powder brand award, houlang love brand award, rising star award for riding the wind and waves, little sister’s favorite single product award, Pingyi Jinren single product award, tonight’s chicken eating single product award, etc. 13 top brands including Huawei, apple, glory, vivo, oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung and Lenovo participated in this award. < / P > < p > in the data category, the high-profile “strength circle powder brand award” was won by Huawei and glory; Meizu, Yijia and realme won the houlang favorite brand award; Xiaomi and oppo won the “I lock the brand award”; glory PLAY4 and redmi 9 became the “ole to single Product Award”; iPhone 11 series and Huawei P40 series won the “wind and wave Rookie Award”; Huawei nova 7 5g, vivo S6 and vivo iqoo 3 Black Shark game mobile phone 2 Pro became the “little sister, little brother favorite single product award”; among the characteristic brand / product category awards, AGM won the “death of the mobile phone shell Brand Award”; Hisense A5 Pro ink screen won the “screen accessibility single Product Award”; Samsung Galaxy Z flip won the “curved phone single product award”. < / P > < p > in addition to the mobile phone brand and product awards, this year’s golden machine award also made awards for the after-sales service of various manufacturers. In the end, 1 hour and 30365 won the “good service award when used”; Apple won the “I think it can be brand service award” by replacing the old with the new and glorifying the whole scene. At the same time, the establishment of some awards also reflects the Golden Rooster Award’s views on the current popular products, such as iPhone 11 purple, Huawei Nova 7 Pro No. 7 color, Meizu 17 Pro moon azure, redmi K30 super speed mint ice blue winning the “super a beauty piece Award”; Nubia Nubia red Devils 5g deuterium front transparent version, Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3 Pro won the “tonight chicken single product award”, which fully reflects the influence of Jingdong mobile phone c2m reverse customization strategy on the consumer level. As we all know, service is the only field that can improve the overall use experience of consumers except product experience. The evaluation of these services can strengthen the industry’s awareness of the importance of service and further spur the healthy development of the industry. < / P > < p > the Jingdong golden machine Award has filled in the blank of authoritative awards in the smart phone industry. The 2020 Jingdong golden machine Award, which updates the evaluation dimension and scope, not only reflects the current situation of the smart phone industry, but also reflects the future development direction and trend of the smart phone industry. In the future, it is believed that JD will make full use of its platform advantages, cooperate with brands, deeply observe consumption trends, create products and services closer to consumers, and lead the healthy and stable development of mobile phone industry. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”