Jinlang technology won the highest award of snec2020 – terawatt Diamond Award

On August 10, the selection results of 2020snec’s top 10 highlights were announced on the exhibition site. Jinlang technology, with its leading scientific research strength, product innovation and excellent performance in the market, stood out from thousands of enterprises and won the highest award of SNEC, namely, the Tawa Diamond Award, which ended the fair successfully. The latest solution of jinlang technology is based on 12-way mppt24-way gci-230k-ehv, with the maximum efficiency of 99%, the maximum input current of 15a, and the protection grade of IP66. Its design has strong market prospect, and the five leading technologies have more innovative ideas with international vision. Jinlang technology focuses on the R & D and production of series inverters and attaches importance to product performance. As early as 2015, jinlang technology first launched the 8kw single-phase household inverter with 3-way MPPT in the world, leading the development of household market. It has become the single-phase inverter with the largest number of MPPT among similar products, and brings more excellent high-power single-phase inverter products for residential customers, which are deeply rooted in domestic market and overseas, such as the United States, the United States and other countries Australia and many other residential market welcome. < / P > < p > at the same time, among the newly launched high-power models, the MPPT infiltration is also the highest among the same power products, among which the 225-255k model has 14 channel MPPT, which has a strong correction effect on the mismatch caused by the inconsistency of component attenuation, orientation and shadow shading. Especially in Mountain Power Station projects, complex terrain changes and component layout, high MPPT infiltration means higher MPPT infiltration Guarantee of power generation. In addition, such as built-in anti PID function, class I lightning protection function and AFCI protection function can be selected for the project area with frequent surge, which makes the overall protection of the system more reliable. < / P > < p > takes the lead in application. AFCI is the first one in China, and has been applied in more than 40000 cases. 30% of the failures of photovoltaic power stations come from DC side. With the market paying more and more attention to reducing cost and increasing efficiency, continuous improvement of DC voltage level has become a trend, so AFCI function is more important. < p > < p > in 2015, jinlang technology took the lead in launching AFCI function in China. This function can actively detect the group string arcing, and quickly and automatically cut off the circuit within 2S, so as to ensure the safety of the power station for a long time. With more than 40000 mature application cases, the technology greatly reduces the risk of DC side arcing fault. Jinlang single-phase inverter adopts Infineon 5th generation IGBT technology with lower loss and better performance, which greatly reduces IGBT loss. With ultra-high operation speed and control accuracy CPU and industry-class control algorithm, the switching frequency of IGBT exceeds 30kHz, which is almost twice the switching frequency of other conventional inverters! With the increase of switching frequency, the loss of power inductance is greatly reduced, which improves the conversion efficiency of the inverter, reduces the internal temperature of the inverter and prolongs the service life of the equipment. The third generation semiconductors represented by silicon carbide have the advantages of high bandgap width, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown field strength and high electron saturation drift rate. Its high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and high frequency capability are 10 times higher than that of silicon, and 2 times higher than that of silicon. It can develop power products that are more suitable for high temperature, high power, high voltage, high frequency and radiation resistance, and effectively break through the physical limits of traditional silicon-based power semiconductor devices and materials. Jinlang has introduced silicon carbide technology into inverter design since 15 years ago, and has taken the lead in the module composed of silicon carbide diode and switch tube, which not only has the advantages of intrinsic characteristics of silicon carbide material, but also can reduce the module volume by more than 50% and reduce the system conversion loss by more than 80%. It can greatly reduce the power loss of the inverter and optimize the heat dissipation performance of the inverter. < / P > < p > efficiency has always been one of the important indicators of inverter performance evaluation. To achieve the goal of reducing cost and increasing efficiency of photovoltaic power station, one is to reduce the system cost, the other is to increase the generation income. In order to improve the income, from the system level, it is necessary to optimize the system design, and from the equipment level, to improve the efficiency of each component. The improvement of photovoltaic module efficiency by 0.1% is due to numerous efforts and technological breakthroughs. Similarly, every 0.1% improvement of inverter efficiency implies a lot of hard work and technological innovation of R & D personnel. Jinlang photovoltaic products have always been one of the most efficient products in the industry. Taking 125k model as an example, the highest conversion efficiency has exceeded 99%, which is one of the highest conversion efficiency products in the industry. < p > < p > for many years, jinlang always regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, attaches importance to market feedback and accumulates on-site application side problems and customer demands. It first enters the fourth generation technology platform at a rate of 15 years, and opens the third generation semiconductor technology application represented by silicon carbide, so as to improve product efficiency and performance, and introduce convenience and intelligence such as remote control and online upgrade Operation and maintenance tools to bring more friendly power station management for customers. At the beginning of 19, the whole line of products entered the fifth generation technology platform, creating a more intelligent inverter from passively adapting to system failure to actively improving the system structure. Combined with the multidimensional perception operation and maintenance platform with higher sensor penetration, the photovoltaic power station can enter the customers’ attention with a more intelligent, convenient and data-based attitude. Jinlang has been adhering to the principle of more optimized products, more complete automatic production process and strict quality inspection process to endow each inverter with the characteristics of high efficiency and high yield, intelligent multi-dimensional, low consumption and low heat, stable and reliable, and long-lasting life. With first-class products and first-class service, jinlang has brought real long-term benefits to customers. The development of inverter industry is inseparable from technological innovation and progress. Jinlang technology is deeply immersed in this, not only through continuous technological innovation to the industry to bring reliable quality, high performance, service in place products, but also in the new era to actively fulfill the social responsibility of new energy enterprises. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

Author: zmhuaxia