Junior high school students pick up the mobile phone and hand it to the police station to help find the owner

On December 1, Mr. Liang, a citizen, went to Nanchang Road police station to retrieve his mobile phone which he had lost for five days. Learning that his lost mobile phone was picked up by two junior high school students and sent to the police station, he even said “I didn’t expect it.”. On the evening of November 26, Mr. Liang found that an Apple phone he had left in his pocket was missing on his way home. He did not know the time and place of losing the phone and felt hopeless to retrieve it. Instead, he did not call the police. Instead, he reissued the phone card and bought a new mobile phone. In fact, Mr. Liang’s mobile phone was lost at the intersection of Nanchang Road and Lichun road at about 18:00 that day. “When we crossed the road, we saw his mobile phone fall out of his pocket, we called him quickly, but he didn’t hear. When we picked up the phone to chase him, he had gone far away.” Zhang Wenbo and WAN Shiyu, junior three students at Heluo middle school, said they sent their mobile phones to the nearby Nanchang Road police station. < / P > < p > “the mobile phone has a lock screen password and cannot be opened, but there is a lottery ticket in the case of the mobile phone.” Patrol team member Wang Guanglin said that the lottery showed that the ticket purchase address was near Jun’an community in the western industrial zone. He and the police speculated that the people at the lottery station might know the owner. So, they found the lottery station, explained the situation to the owner, asked the other party to help find out if customers had lost their mobile phones, and left contact information. On the morning of December 1, Wang Guanglin received a call from Mr. Liang: “someone from the lottery station said someone found an apple mobile phone and sent it to Nanchang Road police station. It may be mine.” According to the password provided by Mr. Liang, the police successfully unlocked the screen of the mobile phone and determined that he was the owner. < / P > < p > “I didn’t expect that I was so lucky that I could meet these two good teenagers who couldn’t find any money. What’s more, the police found me with only one lottery ticket.” Mr. Liang said. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo