Just one month after waving the big stick of sanctions, the United States has already tasted the bitter fruit. American media: Trump’s stupid practice

According to the global network, due to unilateral sanctions by the United States, the stock of notebook computers in the U.S. market is insufficient, and many online schools are facing the dilemma of no computers available. It is worth mentioning that this is only a month before the United States wielded the big stick of sanctions. Now, the United States has already tasted the bitter fruit, and many American media have criticized that it is because of Trump’s stupid practice that students will not be able to use laptops. < p > < p > the new epidemic situation in the United States is getting worse and worse, with tens of thousands of increasing day by day, without any intention of calming down. Considering the current situation and the health of students, many schools choose the way of distance classes, which can reduce the risk of infection. But in the process of purchasing, representatives of American schools found serious problems. There was not enough stock in the market to purchase. To examine the issue, associated press reporters conducted in-depth interviews covering 15 states, more than 20 schools, and three major laptop suppliers. We learned from suppliers that there is a gap of 5 million computers in the market. As more and more schools choose to start online, the gap will continue to expand. According to the associated press, schools in California alone need at least 300000 computers. Some schools place orders in the spring. But we haven’t been able to get the goods until now. The reason for this phenomenon is the US government’s sanctions policy. The U.S. government has blacklisted 11 suppliers of computer accessories from China, and will not allow American enterprises to trade with them, otherwise they will also be punished. This is a heavy blow to computer suppliers in the United States, because their computers contain many parts from these 11 enterprises. As the scope of the sanctions is too large, large companies like Lenovo and HP have been affected. The parts in the computer can no longer be used by the original supplier. All of a sudden, it is impossible to find a replacement company in a short period of time, so there is a large shortage of goods. < p > < p > a California school inspector, baumgaton, was in charge of purchasing computers in his school district. He wanted to buy 5000 computers from Lenovo, but he was told that the company’s laptops were on the sanctions list. He had no choice but to choose HP. But I didn’t expect that HP’s supply chain also had a shortage of parts, leading to the delivery date being delayed again and again. School was about to start, and there was still no news of computers. The White House’s policy, which was intended to show its toughness to the outside world, has actually harmed its own schools. These schools waiting for the computer class first feel the pain, they are worried that the normal teaching can not be carried out, delaying the students’ learning progress. According to Forbes news review, Trump’s action is really stupid. He didn’t consider the US market’s dependence on China, so he made a random order. That’s right. Under the wave of globalization for decades, the economies of all countries in the world have become a whole. A small notebook computer may have parts from several countries. What’s more, China is a big manufacturing country and plays an important role in the notebook production and supply chain. The US approach seems to speak for its own people, but in fact, it has harmed the development of its own enterprises, and American enterprises have been isolated in the international market. It has to be said that Trump’s command is wrong. He just wants to use this move to show the irrefutable image of the president, so as to facilitate his canvassing in the election campaign. What he didn’t see and didn’t care was that there were countless students waiting to use computers in schools that couldn’t buy computers because of the policy. And the affected students often have poor families and can’t afford their laptops, which will undoubtedly aggravate the educational inequality in the United States. But from the current information, it seems that trump does not care about the future of these students, nor does he care about the American enterprises injured in the sanctions. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year