Just to prove that everyone lost: Samsung also alluded to the iPhone 12, apple successfully brought the rhythm!

That’s a refined and refined one! Obviously, it is to cancel the attached charging head and earphone, and describe the castration accessories to reduce the cost of commercial activities with a “God’s perspective” like a macro tone, as “everything is fighting for environmental protection”. < / P > < p > isn’t there a charging head? Isn’t there any more wired headphones? No wonder some industry insiders joked that if the iPhone host is canceled, it’s better to have only one instruction manual left, and apple can make the box thinner. < / P > < p > how good it would be to sell parts and assemble iPhones yourself ~ the question is, isn’t it more wasteful to buy accessories alone? Is it necessary to promote the express industry or create a new mode? IPhone can’t be modular, accessories can be fragmented < / P > < p > of course, as Apple CEO cook explained earlier, there are nearly 2 billion Apple chargers around the world, and many old models can be reused! Indeed, many loyal Apple fans support Apple’s best ~ < / P > < p > in fact, even if you buy Apple’s official charging head accessories alone, such as the latest 20W model, it’s only more than 100 yuan; and the top version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 800 yuan more than the top version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max! < / P > < p > it’s only 300 yuan to buy these two accessories, so it seems that there is nothing wrong with it? You don’t need to buy what you don’t need. What you need is cheap? < p > < p > in addition to blindly belittle and ridicule, we must admit that Apple’s marketing means are clearly to reduce costs for itself, but the outside world can not give the reason to fight back? It is worthy of being a master of global supply chain integration. After leading Apple ~ < / P > < p > Apple released four 5g iPhone 12 models, Samsung Electronics of South Korea did indeed decline in its “ancestral style”, just like shooting advertisements to ridicule the iPhone x Liu Haiping, it continued to carry forward the tradition, and made a move on a social network platform in the United States! < p > < p > Samsung Electronics uses the image of its Galaxy series charging head to add a rather provocative slogan: this simple charging head accessory is “included in your galaxy”. < / P > < p > it has to be admitted that under the siege of “angry netizens” full of the Internet, Samsung also came to ridicule the new iPhone 12 product. Apple still managed to bring the rhythm! < / P > < p > just ask, if Apple’s 5g iPhone 12 series is really so vulnerable, will there be such a big heat? < / P > < p > in the domestic market, only a certain e-commerce platform, the cumulative booking amount of each model has reached the level of one million. If converted into the pre-sale amount at the lowest price, it has exceeded 10 billion yuan! It’s not obvious that Samsung’s panel is not too scornful of the outside world, so we don’t dare to talk about the fact that Samsung doesn’t dare to respond to the reality of Samsung’s panel! < p > < p > it is said that apple and Samsung have reached an “order of magnitude” supply agreement. However, the shipment of the iPhone XS series did not meet the expectation and failed to purchase enough OLED screens from Samsung in South Korea. As a result, Apple needs to compensate Samsung for the liquidated damages in the agreement ~ < / P > < p > the lightest, thinnest and smallest iPhone 12 of the four iPhone 12 series models released this time Mini, only supports single SIM card and single standby, but in such a small fuselage space, plug in the new A14 processor and “plug-in” the high pass snapdragon 5g baseband chip, and with the powerful and exclusive IOS system level bottom level optimization, I’m afraid it is difficult to guarantee the battery life experience ~ < / P > < p > also, the iPhone sold in the U.S. market In the area of “millimeter wave antenna” under the power button of the fuselage, there is no ~ < / P > < p > in the area of “millimeter wave antenna” under the power button of the fuselage, the network speed of 2000mbs measured by the communication operators in the U.S. market is actually based on the specific millimeter wave 5g band. The four 5g version iPhones of the National Bank of China No antenna area supporting 5g frequency band of millimeter wave is available for Model 12. I’m afraid some consumers will be deterred? < / P > < p > although the top version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max model is only a little more than 10000 yuan of BOC version price, more and more Chinese consumers have become rational, which makes Apple, which is better at integrating advanced technology, but is always late, facing the uncertainty that consumers no longer absolutely approve of the poor quality control? < / P > < p > wechat, a mainstream social networking app, may face the risk that Apple will be forced off the shelves. As a result, American technology giant apple, including its iPhone, iPad, MAC and other products, has been questioned about its inability to maintain high-quality service. Although this can’t stop the preference of “fanatical fruit powder” ~ < / P > < p > in fact, apple dare to make the decision to “not bring a charging head” With sufficient market data analysis support, in addition to the official ridicule of “no charging head is a nightmare” by a manufacturer with a relatively low overall style, Samsung also mocks the “defects” of the iPhone 12 series. Is this phenomenon really normal? < / P > < p > this may give ordinary consumers the illusion that the biggest “defect” of Apple’s iPhone 12 is that it doesn’t come with a charging head and wired headset? Otherwise, why do we all hold on to this “stem”? And no other questions? Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia