King’s glory KPL transfer opened, GK five people were collectively listed, Royal three new coaches

It must be a good product. Hello, everyone. I’m the little sister man that everyone loves. You know, with TS winning the championship four days ago, the glory has entered the off-season. Next, there will be the king’s glory fall, which is expected to start in mid September. Of course, in this period, King glory will open the transfer period just like other E-sports events such as lol. After all, King glory is now a popular hand game all over the network, so KPL professional player transfer period, this operation still has to be. < / P > < p > different from other events, the transfer period of KPL of King’s glory is divided into three aspects. Among them, the first is a five-day listing period. All teams that want to sell professional players are required to list on these five days. After the listing period, the other teams will enter the bidding period, that is to say, the bidding period will end. Finally, the professional players or coaches bought by bidding will fill in and submit KPL information. The whole process, from listing to joining the new team, the transfer period is only 11 days. Well, on the first day of today’s transfer period, there will be a team member listed. He is the GK team. < / P > < p > for the GK team, we should not be very strange, right? Pengpeng, Qingfeng, Baishou and agai are all outstanding players in the team. However, in this KPL spring match, the GK team’s performance is not very good. Even the king glory World Cup business can not break into. And after this transfer period opens, GK team also makes the change, GK’s Peng Peng and argai will be listed. In addition, there are three people, mengke, zhidu and gouchen, all of whom are listed. Have to say, GK team is the potential to free up the salary space, in order to introduce some more powerful players. < / P > < p > it must be that in recent days, everyone has eaten a wave of big melons about Ag super games and ts? “Stealing data” is also a hot topic, but this does not affect the core position of Ag super game in the royal family. Since stopping from the world cup, Zhang Jiao, the coach of Ag super games, also announced that he would return to his original position. Therefore, at present, there will be no coach for Ag super play. And moonlight as a former champion coach, in the autumn return to AG is also a matter of certainty. We are also looking forward to the Ag super games will be able to have a good result in the fall. < / P > < p > it has to be said that in this world cup competition, there are not a few who have been resigned as coaches by clubs, and qghappy is one of them. Sk coach resigned as coach of qghappy on August 6, and qghappy failed to reach the finals of the world cup. At present, qghappy’s lineup does not have any big flaw, only lacks a good coach. It is rumored that 770 will retire as the coach of qghappy. At present, the credibility of this melon is still very high. After all, like 6.6, 770 is “old” and it’s only a matter of time before retiring. < / P > < p > you know, estarpro’s coach is 47, but now according to reliable information, 47 went to the TES team as a coach after leaving his job. The coach position reserved for estarpro will be replaced by coach Ryan of Rox. You know, Ryan used to be the coach of RW and left for Rox. Now, back to KPL to coach estarpro, it seems that e star has more confidence in the coach. However, at present, the biggest problem with estarpro is that the players are not quite adapted to the rhythm of the version. For example, Alan, cat God and so on. I hope the new coach can help the players solve these problems when they arrive. < / P > < p > in my opinion, during the transfer period of King glory KPL, it is estimated that some big melons will come out. At present, there are three new coaches in the royal family. It can be seen how important the coach’s position is. Xiaobian thinks that the current strength of yusanjia still represents the highest level of KPL. Of course, if TS is added, the imperial three will become the era of four emperors, ha ha. Players, what do you think of this? Remember to communicate with me in the message area. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction