King’s glory: say less and win? Those who honor the king have to admit that these three words are tantamount to surrender

Although King glory is a game, it has strong communication and social properties. Although many players like to open black, most players prefer “single row”. < / P > < p > players often say “no assistance” at the beginning of the game. It seems nothing, but it actually makes people very angry. It’s just that they are not willing to play auxiliary, but say “no assistance” in the end. Generally speaking this sentence of the player is not a dish, but angry! Obviously, the last one was forced to lose, and the teammates were still in the pit. So he didn’t want to play with this one, so he said he would not help. If you still let him play auxiliary, then he has a chance to perform They won’t even take any assistance and go straight to grab positions. Once he grabs the position, other teammates will definitely play! < / P > < p > most players want to win the game. Even if they are playing, they will play well if they find that they can win. But at the beginning of the game, it’s really hard to say that “it’s all lost anyway”. In this case, teammates either want to reopen, or they are angry and say, “I’ll play with you!” It’s going to be noisy anyway. < / P > < p > some players are very serious. If some heroes don’t play, they will play if they can’t get them. Especially when their teammates ban their common heroes, they will be very excited and think that their teammates are deliberately targeting them, so they go to extremes. In fact, teammates may just want to ban a tough hero, not a hero pool deliberately aimed at his teammates. < / P > < p > the game of King’s glory is not a game that can be won by operation. As long as the mentality is in place and the consciousness is old-fashioned, you can go on the king smoothly and even honor the king. It is worth noting that we should not only have a good mentality of ourselves, but also must not engage in the mentality of our teammates. Otherwise, if we talk about it in three sentences, our teammates will be directly frustrated. < p > < p > < p > < p > four one point push: four people in groups take the two paths of dark tyrant or dominating and refreshing, waiting for the opportunity to take the dragon; one goes deep into the single leading line, forcing the opposite side to go back to defense. If the opposite side chooses to snatch the dragon, then the person with the single belt will steal the tower. If the opposite side chooses to defend, then the one with the single belt will take the dragon. So the man with the single belt is very important. He must be able to fight alone and be good at escaping. < p > < p > < p > one of the routines: the shooter and the warrior road develop and take the line on the two sides. After eating the middle route, the middle single, auxiliary and playing field invades the opposite field area. Once the invasion is successful, it will immediately merge with the man on the side to form a group of four. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!