Kirin 985 + 8GB, now reduced to 2699 yuan, three months after the release of 5g new aircraft accelerated exit

Buying a mobile phone is a kind of knowledge. If you want to identify a high cost-effective mobile phone, you also need some knowledge. The ultimate goal is to hope that the mobile phones we buy will be more value preserved, and there will be no price reduction soon after purchase. Before the popularity of 5g mobile phones, some people who knew more about mobile phones said that 4G mobile phones were no longer worth buying, because the arrival of 5g mobile phones would make old 4G models very unprotected. Unfortunately, they only estimated a part of the situation.

I thought that the popularity of 5g mobile phones would not keep the value of 4G mobile phones. Unexpectedly, even 5g mobile phones themselves did not maintain their value. Because the major mobile phone manufacturers were eager to seize the market share of 5g, they did not hesitate to cut prices to achieve sales results. In this way, the price of 5g mobile phones dropped much faster than the original 4G mobile phones. For example, the glory company in the picture One example is the glory 30, which was launched in April this year.

as a sub brand of Huawei facing the Internet, the performance price ratio of its mobile phones is generally good. It is not reasonable to say that the price will be reduced in three months, especially the digital series flagship of glory company. However, this year’s glory 30 can not maintain this Convention. In recent months, in the 5g mobile phone price war, the 5g mobile phones equipped with snapdragon 865 processor have been used by friends The price has dropped to around 2100 yuan, so the 5g glory 30, which was released only three months ago, is in a bad situation.

and the configuration of glory 30 is not excellent. Its processor is only the Kirin 985, not the latest Kirin 990. Take the current 8GB + 128GB high configuration version as an example, its price is 3199 yuan. In other configurations, the battery capacity is 4000mAh, it supports 40W fast charging, and the rear is set with 40 million pixels. Overall, the cost performance of this mobile phone is not very good To be honest, it is worse than the flagship of glory digital series in the same period of previous years. It is estimated that glory company would not have guessed that the competition of subsequent 5g mobile phones would be so fierce.

at many distributors’ offices, the price of the 8GB + 128GB high configuration version of glory 30 has been adjusted to 2699 yuan. The price difference of 500 yuan in three months is completely accelerating the exit. However, in the current market, this is normal. Even the flagship price of carrying Kirin 990 has been lowered. This mobile phone equipped with Kirin 985 is in a more difficult situation Guan Qingqing, in the competition of 5g mobile phones, I am afraid it will be more and more difficult to sell.

Author: zmhuaxia