Kirin 990 + 128G storage, Huawei’s flagship aircraft once again defines “freezing point price”, 5g version is more cost-effective

It has been a conventional means for all mobile phone manufacturers to compete in the market. When it comes to the frequency and quantity of new phones, Huawei is definitely the most eye-catching in the industry. Not only are the high-end machines updated at least twice a year, but also the flagship and cost-effective models are even more dazzling. The speed of changing your phone must not keep up with the speed of its new phone release.

for example, Huawei’s Nova series has completed two new machine changes in a short period of half a year from November last year to May this year. Because of this, Huawei’s flagship Nova 6 series products, although still new, have been overshadowed by the updated Nova 7 model. Now Nova 6 redefines “freezing point price”, and there is a more cost-effective 5g version, which has become the focus of many Huawei mobile phones. Do you think it can impact sales?

first of all, let’s see how Huawei Nova 6 is configured. The main selling point of this machine was shooting. It has 40 million super sensitive image system in the rear, 8 million long focus and 8 million ultra wide angle lens as auxiliary photography, and 32 million double camera self shooting in front, supporting OIS optical anti shake, 30 times digital zoom, etc.

this shooting capability is almost equal to Huawei’s 64 million four cameras of Nova 7. At the same time, many new flagship machines like glory 30 also adopt similar shooting configuration. It can be seen that the shooting level of Huawei Nova 6 is quite good both in Huawei and in the circle.

in addition, Huawei Nova 6’s hardware is equipped with Kirin 990 processor, starting with 8 + 128GB storage configuration. This chip is the most powerful 4G SOC of Huawei, surpassing the Kirin 980 processor installed in Huawei P30 last year. Therefore, the performance of the machine is not bad, ranking first among all Huawei 4G mobile phones. In addition, considering the restrictions in the United States, Kirin 990 may be the most powerful Huawei chip at present, and it may become a “scarce product” in the future, so it can be purchased this year, but not necessarily next year. It has 4100mah large battery and 40W cable fast charging on its endurance. The appearance of this year’s popular double hole digging screen design is also provided by Huawei Nova 6.

on the whole, Huawei’s Nova 6 configuration is not low at all, and its performance obviously belongs to the first level of the flagship, which is also the reason why the price of Huawei Nova 6 exceeded 3K at the beginning of its listing. But now the price of the machine has dropped to 1000 yuan freezing point, which is far beyond our expectation. In terms of the current cost performance, it is very outstanding. It can be said that it is the best camera phone in the same price. It can be used for three years without any problem. Of course, on the basis of excellent photography and performance, if you want to reduce the risk of switching in a short period of time, Huawei Nova 6 still has 5g version to refer to. The price is also greatly reduced by 1K, which is cost-effective.

when the price and configuration of Huawei Nova 6 are impressive at the same time, both 4G and 5g versions of Huawei Nova 6 have high starting value. Do you think?

Author: zmhuaxia