Know a lot of photography knowledge, but still can’t take good photos?

Format, aperture, exposure time, focal length, ISO… These seemingly “important” parameter information. Many times, as like as two peas, you can’t make a perfect picture. Even if you imitate the master, you can’t take the same good picture with the same parameters. Why is that? Sort out some reasons for your reference! < / P > < p > many photography skills, such as long exposure, multiple exposure, composition skills and so on. These seemingly simple tips can work well in a specific environment. But did you make full use of it in your photography practice? Maybe it’s more important to develop the habit of mastering skills than to understand them. < / P > < p > the “shooting parameters” of photos are only part of the photography foundation, and “beauty” is the original intention! If you change the shooting parameters of a good work to another scene, you may only be able to take a waste film. So the perception of beauty really determines the value of a picture. < / P > < p > by changing the shooting techniques and performance skills, you can make the picture different, but the prerequisite is that you should have a complete sense of the form of the picture in your head first, and then choose the appropriate shooting method. On the contrary, it may be learning to walk in Handan. “Picture sense” is the key problem to be solved in the visual expression of photography < / P > < p > sometimes, the beauty of scenery does not lie in the scenery itself, but in the correct time and light. The same scenery can be shot by anyone at any time, but there are very few photographic works. The reason is very simple. Most people have no patience to wait for that moment. < / P > < p > trade-off is a process of refining and reprocessing the shooting theme. How to highlight the theme? If the accompaniment should set off the theme, how to avoid the content irrelevant to the subject? None of these issues has been considered well. Even if you use “classic composition”, you can’t make a good film. < / P > < p > every day, as long as you are a careful person, you can always find some scenes worth recording. But mostly because of various reasons, you can’t take out the camera to capture at that time and let the opportunity slip away. < / P > < p > we often find a good location, shoot and finish. Professional photographers are looking for all the better positions or creating their own, and then wait for the best opportunity to shoot, then change the position, and wait for the best opportunity to shoot Until I get my ideal picture. That’s the difference! No master photographer is always lucky! < / P > < p > the greatest charm of photography is to shoot new ideas and make them different. In fact, the routine of photography is just a little bit, but it can take a variety of photos, which depends on the thinking brain. Copying other people’s ideas can only take the same photos as others. If you want to improve, you have to learn to think by yourself. < / P > < p > if you are also wondering why you can’t take good photos, you might as well reflect on whether there are any of the above reasons. We hope that we can make progress together on the way of photography, and we can also take good pictures while understanding knowledge. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer