KPL professional player’s mobile phone is hidden behind the mystery, is it used for heat dissipation? Say it to make people laugh

The group match of the king’s glory world cup is in tense progress, but the promotion situation has been clear. After two consecutive defeats, AG has won two consecutive victories and entered the last eight, which is exciting. During the group competition, there are still many wonderful matches. At the same time, the director often gives the players the first perspective, so that the audience can have a closer observation on the operation of KPL professional players and see the profession Players change their clothes and attack with precision.

However, there are many spectators who are very interested in the details of the competition platform. As a mobile game, the mobile phone is the most important device. Is there anything special about the mobile phone used by players in the competition?

as shown in the figure above, a line is pulled from the middle part of the mobile phone used by Yinuo. What is the use of this line? As we all know, there is no interface on the back of mobile phones, so many viewers are curious about the function of this line and put forward their own conjectures.

some people say that this line is connected to the heat dissipation equipment, because professional competitions are usually bo5 and bo7, and long-term games will cause the mobile phone to heat up, so it is necessary to use this device for heat dissipation. This kind of statement really makes people laugh. Is it difficult to realize “liquid cooling” by taking a bucket of water outside?

from the first perspective of Yinuo, you can see that a data line is connected to the right interface. Although the charging interface here is designed with a special elbow, which will not affect the operation of the players, many players are not used to it. In addition to a charging interface, the headset is not connected, so it is certain that the cable on the back of the phone is connected from here, which is equivalent to connecting a “adapter”, connecting the network cable, headset cable, etc. on the “adapter”.

it’s not uncommon for mobile phones to connect to the Internet cable. Especially for such large-scale events, the delay should be lower, otherwise accidents will easily happen. KPL explained and joked that “the audience on the spot should not connect with the players’ WiFi”, but now, through the “adapter” directly connecting to the network cable, the probability of delay and jamming is much less, almost No.

QG knife asked 770 in the first issue of “king of glory and boasting,” and “what’s this? Can you pull it out?” it almost made a joke. If you pull out the Internet cable, you don’t have to play.

as a game phone, the charging interface can be further optimized. For example, Tencent’s game phone can transfer the charging interface to the side, so that even if the data cable is plugged in, the impact on the operation feel is almost zero, and the “adapter” does not need to be fixed to the back of the hand.

in fact, it’s unnecessary to heat the mobile phone. Now many mobile phones have joined the “liquid cooling” system in order to improve the game performance. Tencent’s game mobile phone rog3 adopts the matrix liquid cooling cooling cooling architecture 3.0, so there is no need to worry about the problem of scalding.

of course, for most ordinary game players, it’s unnecessary to plug in the network cable to play games like the KPL game. 4G network or WiFi is fine. Basically, mainstream Android flagship can meet the requirements. If you want to play games with Android, you can consider Tencent game phones. After all, Tencent games have deep customization functions.

so when you play games, do you have a serious problem of scalding? In fact, most people may be poor not in the equipment, but in the skills of professional players.

Author: zmhuaxia