Kwai 8 release, update LOGO products upgrade

September 3rd, the Kwai Fu officially released the 8 version, not only updated the brand Logo, issued a new slogan Slogan. Officials say this is the fastest upgrade of the product and brand since Kwai’s transformation from the GIF video to the short video community in 2014. The new Kwai Logo has retained the previously distinctive camera elements, while using the most basic geometric shapes in the physical world: triangles, squares and circles. The “infinity” symbol in the upper part represents the pluralistic world and the infinite connection, while the camera at the bottom represents the reality and beauty of the world carried by video. Meanwhile, the Kwai Slogan is also upgraded from “seeing every life” to “embracing every life”. From “seeing” to “embracing”, it is the upgrading from “Observer” to “participant”, and from “cognition” to “action”. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?