Lansi Technology: the company’s process, technology and scale have been in the leading position in the world

Tonghuashun financial research center on September 11, an investor asked Lansi technology, what is the international level of the company’s technology? < / P > < p > the company replied that, guided by scientific and technological innovation and based on advanced manufacturing, the company adheres to the road of export-oriented and technologically advanced collectivization development. In the field of parts manufacturing of high-end electronic consumer products in the world, relying on the management mode of technological innovation and product internationalization, and relying on the continuous leading R & D investment, the company has the capabilities of mold development and design, machine manufacturing, etc Equipment development, rapid product development and large-scale production capacity, technology, scale has been firmly in the leading position in the world. The company always keeps up with the development trend of the upstream technical requirements of major consumer electronics brands, takes the lead in development and investment, and further extends the industrial chain. At present, the company’s business has covered windows and exterior protective glass, sapphire, precision ceramics, precision metals, touch modules, cameras, key accessories, assembly, etc. The products are widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, smart wearable, car devices, smart home and other fields, with broad market prospects. After years of development, the company has reached long-term and in-depth cooperation with apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Tesla, Amazon and many other famous brands at home and abroad. The company is the leader of appearance innovation in the consumer electronics industry. It is the first enterprise to introduce glass screen into high-end smart phones and tablet computers, apply ceramic and sapphire materials to mobile phones and smart wearable devices, and apply 3D glass to mobile phones. The company has mastered the core technology and process know-how of the production of windows and protective glass, sapphire, precision ceramics, precision metals and other products, and has strong technical accumulation and manufacturing advantages. The number of patents ranking first in the industry, excellent core R & D team, mature technical personnel training mechanism and continuous and stable R & D investment ensure the continuous expansion of the company’s technical advantages. Thank you for your question! Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine