Large iqoo5 Pro will be available on August 24

Do you remember the three 120 mentioned before? Iqoo5 Pro is the enhanced version of iqoo5. Quietly, this powerful work has been pre-sale. The 8 + 256g combination starts at 4998. This mobile phone has powerful performance iron triangle, 120W fast charging, 120 screen refresh rate, sound effect, and games, etc. it almost reaches the extreme, and integrates the smooth running speed into this mobile phone. On the 24th, we have begun to accept full subscription. Those who have been paying close attention to this model can go to the official website to have a look. Today, I want to give you a clue about the parameters of this mobile phone. < / P > < p > first of all, the core of a mobile phone is its CPU, as well as memory and storage. Iqoo5pro uses this year’s flagship snapdragon 865 processor, with the highest memory usage of lpddr5 and the highest ufs3.1 ultra fast flash memory for storage. The iron triangle of iqoo5pro has become the three highest in the name. With this as the basis, it can ensure that the mobile phone runs fast enough. < / P > < p > around the hardware, the system optimization should also keep up with, so as to not waste the performance of the iron triangle. In the iqoo5pro system, various software are deeply optimized, including the latest version of multi turbo 4.0, which makes the hardware play its full potential. This combination of software and hardware makes iqoo5pro easy to deal with various large-scale software and games. < / P > < p > the screen has unconsciously become the battlefield of this year’s competition. The screen is the most intuitive hardware medium with users, and its importance may be found in each field. Iqoo5 Pro is equipped with super vision flexible screen, supports 120Hz high refresh rate, and newly introduced 240Hz touch sampling rate, and has passed hdr10 + standard certification. With high brush and sampling rate, iqoo5pro’s screen can achieve the ultimate silky feeling. < / P > < p > mobile phone charge anxiety has been troubling users. Under the background that battery technology has not leapfrogged, charging speed has become an auxiliary way to improve the experience. Iqoo5pro uses 120W ultra fast flash charging technology, which can charge the battery from 0 to full in 15 minutes, which shortens the charging time. 15 minutes may be the time for drinking a cup of tea or playing a game. The mobile phone has been revived. This is still charging from 0, and most people charge at 30%. Then, the charging time may be just a few wechat messages. The camera module of iqoo5pro is composed of sensors with super large bottom, fast focusing and good effect in weak light environment. The three camera system is composed of 50 megapixel super sensitive main camera + 13 million pixel super wide angle lens + 5x periscope long focus lens. Many new modes are added, such as wind grid night view, star sky mode and polar night mode. In addition, iqoo5pro also has built-in high-quality hi fi chip, stereo dual speakers, eagle eye display, enhanced 2.0 and 4D game sense, and superconducting VC liquid cooling cooling system. These comprehensive performances ensure the comprehensiveness of iqoo5 pro. Now iqoo5pro has been pre-sale all over the network, and can enjoy 24 interest free periods. There are also Netease Bluetooth headset, half a year broken screen treasure and other benefits to give. Friends you like can go and have a look. Science Discovery