Late official propaganda! The new nut machine is scheduled to be released on the 20th, and Lao Luo’s craftsmanship spirit will continue!

It’s lucky to be in the domestic market. China is the fastest market in the world to update and iterate smart phones. Many new mobile phone functions and black technologies start here, such as Huawei’s 40W super fast charging technology, oppo’s 3D structured light technology, ZTE’s just released off screen lens, etc., all of which give the domestic mobile phones endless charm! After several years of market reshuffle, the current head manufacturer “huami ov” advantage is expanding, and the second-line manufacturers are struggling. The 360 mobile phone of that year has been disbanded, Nubia is also trying to transform, and Meizu people have a feeling that they hate iron but not steel! < / P > < p > but Lao Luo’s nut mobile phones are different. Although the market is small, the users are accurate and loyal. They are more loyal fans of Lao Luo, and they often give advice for the nut mobile phones. They also hope that Lao Luo can make a comeback one day! However, after several years of downturn, the hammer mobile phone finally failed in the face of a strong opponent. Lao Luo also chose to quit the mobile phone field because he was heavily in debt. After becoming a host, he has already paid off 400 million yuan in debt. What makes people feel moved is that Lao Luo puts down his face and dignity to help his friends sell mobile phones. He hopes that Lao Luo can make a comeback and call out that we owe Lao Luo a hand for so many years Machine! < / P > < p > I can’t make up any more sensational words. Today, I’d like to introduce a hammer mobile phone to you, which is the upcoming nut R2! In terms of naming method, nut R2 is the upgraded version of R1, and will make adjustments in processor. It adopts the most advanced snapdragon 865 module in the industry, and supports the high pass 5g baseband technology. At that time, it will be the first nut mobile phone to support dual-mode 5g! Although Lao Luo is no longer in the nut team, the original team of hammer mobile phone is still there. Product manager Zhu Haizhou has also exposed the pictures of nut R2. It is indeed the peak of nut mobile phone’s beauty! < / P > < p > in terms of appearance design, nut R2 always supports white craft panel. At present, only a few mobile phones adopt this color scheme, and Meizu 17 series is on sale now! The reason why a small number of mobile phone brands insist on color matching with white fuselage is to achieve differential design. Once the price has no advantage, it will become inventory goods! The design of nut R2 is very out of mind. It adopts four narrow frame design, which is still the mainstream hole digging screen scheme in the industry. At the beginning, the design pain point of nut R1 has been supplemented on this generation of R2. With the combination of three piece set of snapdragon 865 + lpddr5 + ufs3.1, the performance of nut R2 is very reliable! < / P > < p > the biggest advantage of nut mobile phone is the operating system. I think it is the most personalized and beautiful UI in China. Huawei emui and Xiaomi MIUI have made compromises on many UI in order to cater to the public aesthetic. Many young people who pursue individuality don’t like this kind of popular OS. Lao Luo’s hammer OS system, which was first created by Lao Luo, was highly praised. It was also the only domestic system that dared to boast that it was better than IOS. Therefore, the new system of nut R2 is also worth looking forward to! As for the camera, it can be seen from the photos of the back cover that it is a super large CMOS, and the main lens is said to be 100 million camera lens, which is expected to be in the top 10 of DxO by then! < / P > < p > for the late official announcement, nut R2 will be held in Wukesong · m space at 19:30 on October 20, with a maximum charging power of 55W. With the new smartisan OS system, Lao Luo’s craftsmanship spirit will continue. Do you still have your feelings? Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia