Learn photography, these knowledge points can help you quickly door

This lesson will introduce you some basic knowledge of photography. These knowledge can help you to understand photography as soon as possible, and be familiar with photography. It can lay a foundation for your future study of photography. Downlight is the most easily controlled light among all the lights. The exposure is just right, the color reproduction is high, and the picture is clear. However, the effect of downlight shooting is the most common, so it is difficult to make the subject present a sense of three-dimensional and space. < / P > < p > compared with smooth shooting, the shooting effect has changed significantly, the shooting object will have a clear sense of hierarchy, and the picture has a three-dimensional texture. This kind of light photography is the most common, the simplest, and the easiest to use, and the effect is good, is the recommended photography light. The backlight shooting can make the object present a contour separated from the background, and form a bright contour light at the edge of the object. Backlight shooting can well render the atmosphere and express the author’s intention. Of course, backlight photography is also the most difficult, requiring the photographer to have certain photographic experience. < / P > < p > surround exposure is a camera’s own function, which is usually used in scenes with large light differences. If we can’t decide what parameters to take, we can take the scene with surround exposure, and the camera will give a picture with the best exposure. < / P > < p > if you want to shoot the star awn effect, it is very simple. You just need to narrow the aperture to about F10, and then aim at the light source to shoot the star awn effect picture. The smaller the aperture, the more obvious the star effect. < / P > < p > polarizer is the most commonly used filter after the dimmer. It can eliminate the reflection of glass and water, and make the scenery behind the glass and underwater clearly visible. In addition, the sky can also use this filter to make the sky look more transparent. For silhouette shooting, we can use spot metering to measure the bright background, which will make the subject seriously underexposed and form a strong silhouette contrast effect. The use of the hood can effectively reduce glare and reduce or avoid the generation of light spots. When we shoot in backlight, sidelight or flash, we can use a light shield to prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens. In addition, the hood also has the same function as the ultraviolet mirror, that is, to protect your “delicate” lens, effectively resist the accidental collision of the lens, prevent the fingers from accidentally touching the lens, and resist the wind, sand, rain and snow. In addition, if you put on a hood, you will look more professional to others. < / P > < p > in photography, gate B actually means long exposure, which can exceed the 30 second exposure limit of the camera itself. So we can decide the exposure time freely. If you need more exposure time for shooting, such as shooting the orbit, you need to open door B to achieve the shooting. When shooting with door B, a tripod or a camera should be placed in a fixed place to prevent the camera from shaking slightly and causing the photo to blur and cause shooting failure. New product launch