Learn professional mobile phone Photography 4 entry skills, mobile phone professional camera function parameters detailed explanation

The upgrade of mobile camera function and the continuous development of mobile phone photography technology have brought a lot of convenience to people, but also greatly reduced the entry threshold in the field of photography. So the art of photography is no longer the patent of the old mages who used to be high and the local tyrants who like to play with photographic equipment. < / P > < p > for the updated explanation of this column, three to five courses will be updated every week. In order to ensure the learning quality of our partners, we will strictly review and control all the updated contents. < / P > < p > especially in the past two years, with the continuous optimization and development of mobile phone camera functions by mobile phone manufacturers, everyone who owns a smart phone can enjoy the use of various camera modes and filters in the mobile phone camera to discover, record and share all the beautiful sceneries they see. < / P > < p > our world produces tens of millions of pictures and photo data every minute every day. But we also know that one problem is that there are very few beautiful films that really feel good-looking or can be called art with so many pictures. Therefore, the sharing process of a large part of people in mobile photography can only be called the record in life. Therefore, if you want to shoot good-looking and artistic photography works, you still need to learn some professional photography knowledge and fully understand your own photography equipment like those professional photography teachers. Mobile phone photography is no exception. So today, we will take the domestic commonly used mobile phone brands as an example to explain the basic general parameters and functions of mobile phones, as well as the first lesson for us to enter mobile phone professional photography. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!