Learn these 10 master photography skills, you can also shoot a wonderful blockbuster! Weekend Talk

Many seemingly complex techniques in photography, if you master the method, everything becomes very simple. Learn the following 10 photography skills, no progress is difficult. < / P > < p > getting these neutral objects or abstract objects in the picture will bring extra factors to the image. The audience can use these abstract objects to feel something unrelated to the subject; it adds some drama to the image. Look at the following Masterpieces: < / P > < p > find shapes, patterns, symmetry, capture geometry, lines and curves. Try to combine images based on these shapes. In the frame to obtain a unique symbol to produce a strong focus, so that the audience easily related to the picture, with a certain rhythm. < / P > < p > in composition, pay attention to the balance of the picture, avoid the unbalanced picture, pay attention to the position of the companion in the picture, or try to associate the subject with the companion. The balance can be achieved by mixing lights, shadows, physical elements, characters, contrast colors, etc. Moving focus can balance the image well. < / P > < p > not all the photos are taken with a camera at one time. They are often cut in the later stage to make the picture more perfect. This may also mean that when shooting, you have to think about how to deal with the size of the picture in the later stage, so that the subject can attract more viewers. The point of view here refers to the angle when shooting and thinking about what should appear in the picture. Before shooting, try to think of the scene as a photo, which helps us get what we want. Matching the subject, not from adjacent angles, will produce good results. Also try to shoot from high or deep, which will produce interesting angles and vision. < / P > < p > tries to keep the frame simple, which helps the audience focus on the topic. In other words, a minimalist approach. Choosing your themes wisely and outlining them will make the picture look great. Try to make the background simple and make the audience stand out. < / P > < p > attempts to focus on the foreground, endow the foreground with a lot of space, and fill them with powerful themes, so that people’s mind can be separated from each other, thus inducing the depth of background. Natural light can play an important role in creating image depth. At the same time, create these images with depth, so that the viewer can see them from a wider angle. < / P > < p > composition usually follows one-third rule, such as gold medal, golden triangle, spiral, golden section, etc., which may help to achieve good results. But people do not have to press the shutter at the same time to think about these, although cutting in practice will help, but after a period of practice, all of these will naturally be applied to the shooting. This technique is widely used in art photography. Blank space is to empty the space around the subject; the space can be completely compared with the subject, making the vision easier to be mastered by the viewer. < / P > < p > first learn the rules, then learn to break them effectively, try to break all of the rules and make your photos unique. Make sure that what you shoot is in sharp contrast to all the rules above and still find it visually attractive. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?