Learn to set the ISO auto technique, you will get twice the result with half the effort and correct exposure

We know that in the manual mode of the camera, after you preset the parameters, before shooting, you should temporarily change at least one parameter according to the exposure instructions provided by the camera to achieve the purpose of correct exposure. Therefore, the manual mode is not conducive to fast shooting, which is often limited in the moment when the moving object is constantly changing. There is also a large amount of shooting, each to adjust the parameters, will also reduce the shooting efficiency. Therefore, people would like to use the shooting mode as convenient as the automatic mode. < / P > < p > maybe some people will say, can’t we use automatic mode? First of all, we should understand the operation rules of camera automatic parameters in automatic mode: in automatic mode, the camera automatically gives the shutter speed, if the light permits, it will try to reach the handheld safe shutter speed, the aperture will use the intermediate value, and the ISO will try to lower it. When shooting static objects, such a combination of parameters should not be too big a problem. However, it will not know whether the object you are shooting is static or dynamic. That is to say, if the object is dynamic, it will not automatically give the shutter speed that the corresponding dynamic object needs to reach. In this case, the photo will be blurred. And when you close-up an object, you need a large aperture to blur the background, but the aperture it automatically gives doesn’t usually do that. In addition, the focus selection in automatic mode is also automatic. It generally selects the focus that is easy to find to focus, which does not necessarily meet the requirements of your performance theme, etc. That is to say, the limitations of automatic mode are obvious. Therefore, in real photography creation, photographers generally don’t choose to shoot in automatic mode. The camera with higher professional degree does not even have automatic mode. < / P > < p > manual mode is not conducive to fast shooting, and automatic mode has great limitations. Therefore, the other two semi-automatic modes, shutter priority and aperture priority mode, came into being. In this way, you can preset one or two parameters according to the characteristics of the shooting object or the effect to be achieved, and the other or two parameters are automatically given by the camera, so that the shooting is fast and efficient, and can meet the shooting requirements. For example, you can use shutter priority mode to set a required shutter speed, and the aperture is automatically given by the camera. If you need to use the aperture to control the depth of field, set it to aperture priority mode. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer