Learn with a search, and have a quark resolution AI tool to build an intelligent learning assistant for students and parents

Make use of efficient self-study, intelligent tutoring and AI learning tools to help you become “children of others”. Recently, Alibaba’s intelligent search app quark has upgraded its learning channel to help students accurately solve problems and master knowledge points by taking photos, searching essays, wrong questions, handwritten notes and rare words recognition, and oral arithmetic correction. < / P > < p > “you can search for it, you can understand it by shooting it, you can’t ask if you don’t understand it.” Focusing on the online learning needs of primary and secondary school students, quark search provides comprehensive and in-depth intelligent products and services. It not only needs to create a “homework treasure box” for students’ self-study and parental guidance, but also pays attention to the systematic learning and continuous consolidation of knowledge points. The multi scene application of AI camera recognition highlights the innovation of learning tools for quark intelligent search. Take photos to search for questions, and you will find the solution as soon as you take a picture. Behind it is a massive database of general subjects in primary and secondary schools. The camera scans handwriting, more blackboard writing and notes, one second to document. Photo translation, multi language translation, one click. There is also a second to understand the “Company Yan Miao?” It has the function of recognizing rare characters. There are different styles and different themes in the search for quark compositions, which can lead to writing ideas. Online error book, key voice shorthand, easy collection of wrong questions. “Help answer” provides professional one-to-one online consultation to solve personalized problems. < p > < p > quark data shows that among the new users this summer, the number of parents over 30 years old is the largest, among which female users account for more than 50%. Mothers are heartbroken for their homework. Quark’s photo search, photo translation, and mental arithmetic correction make tiger mother’s homework no longer crazy and exclaim “too difficult.”. < / P > < p > “Ai engines upgrade search quality, AI tools build new search portals, and vertical domains create a closed loop of content + service to solve users’ practical problems.” Wu Jia, head of the intelligent search business department of Ali innovation business group, said that he was optimistic about the changes and opportunities in the online education industry. In addition to meeting the needs of homework, a series of innovative applications will be launched to improve learning efficiency and quality. At the end of July, quark search launched a knowledge video product, quark Z video. Educational knowledge video will become the focus, and Zhang Xuefeng’s college entrance examination knowledge video is very popular. In this year’s college entrance examination season, more than 10 million users use quark search’s intelligent information service for college entrance examination. < p > < p > quark data shows that the number of parents of primary school students in the third to fifth tier cities increases rapidly during the summer vacation. From problem-solving and knowledge mastering to self-study interest, quark education AI service has become an advanced platform for primary and secondary school students’ personal learning ability, which solves the pain points in the parent education scene, and promotes educational inclusion with scientific and technological innovation. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year