Learning from Meizu, is September 16 just the launch of iPhone 12?

As a major event in the mobile phone industry, apple usually holds a new phone launch in September every year, and many fruit fans are looking forward to this day. However, this year’s special reasons for Apple’s launch once confusing, before many media speculation that the launch will be postponed. However, yesterday, Apple announced that it would hold a new product launch in the early morning of September 16, which excited many people who pay attention to the trend of mobile phone industry. < / P > < p > but there are still many media reports that the September 16 event will not involve the launch of the iPhone 12, but it will be dedicated to the release of the apple watch series 6 and iPad. For a while, many people were disappointed. After all, without the launch of the new iPhone, how could it be regarded as a press conference. < / P > < p > at the same time, it is also pointed out that Apple may hold several press conferences in the future, and even some informants have disclosed that Apple may issue a press release shortly after the September 16 event to announce the next launch date, which may include the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > if the media guess is true, then Apple’s operation is a bit familiar. Many netizens then associate themselves with the release of Meizu 17 in the first half of this year. When many manufacturers have released new machines in the first half of this year, Meizu is still warming up. Finally, they even held a special press conference for the release of Meizu 17. It has to be said that mobile phone manufacturers have always been very innovative in propaganda. As a result, some netizens ridiculed Apple’s “release of the next press conference time” and said that “Meizu calls experts!” < / P > < p > the media also gave reasons for the speculation that the release of the iPhone 12 was delayed, saying that the iPhone 12 might be short of stock or capacity, and there was a leaked marketing e-mail on the Internet According to this calculation, apple is likely to hold another new product launch in the second week of October and open the reservation channel immediately after the launch. < / P > < p > of course, there are also doubts about this. After all, if there is no need to hold a separate press conference just for the apple watch series 6 and the new iPad, apple can choose to launch these two products directly. It may also be that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series together on September 16, but the launch time of some models is delayed. < p > < p > in the end, it’s just media speculation that September 16 is the release conference of iPhone 12, and the authenticity is questionable. Apple’s surprise on this day is unknown. As for the iPhone 12, now the information leaked is almost the same. From the appearance to the parameters to the price, we have a general understanding. Is such a mobile phone worth waiting for? Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia