Lei Jun announced: Lu Weibing upgrades Xiaomi partner! Where will red rice replace millet?

With the marketing means of we media and labor mode, red rice redmi sales continue to break records! He was angry with friends and merchants, and quickly filled with efficiency, which aroused the disgust of many netizens! Be called Lu Shiwa by netizens! < / P > < p > personally, Lu Weibing is still very competent for this job. He has devoted himself to the work and spared no effort to publicize Xiaomi. He is also in perfect coordination with Lei Jun, and has no sense of disobedience. Many people ridicule Lu Weibing for his experience in the collapse of mobile phone manufacturers. This is just a joke. For example, what is the relationship between the bankruptcy of Jinli and Lu Weibing? It seems that it is the founder’s problem? If you don’t gamble, you won’t lose hundreds of millions. Jinli is still a good brand, brand and product. As for some remarks of Jinli boss, I won’t say it. You know. < / P > < p > Lu Weibing joined Xiaomi, and the sales of redmi in charge were also good. However, the problem of Xiaomi is brand strategy. What can Lu Weibing do? < / P > < p > 2020, he will not only lead Hongmi, but also fully participate in Xiaomi! In the past year, Lu Weibing has made great efforts to replace Xiaomi with Hongmi, the low-end machine of 1000 yuan. < / P > < p > obviously, this year will be the key year for Xiaomi! Lei Jun cleared the 4G inventory ahead of time and bet 5g with all his strength. This seems to be a preemptive opportunity. In fact, Xiaomi has launched a defense war! < / P > < p > this is equivalent to two sets of unrelated brands, rather than the parent child brand relationship. Hongmi has also developed values, mission and vision. Who has done a good job? < / P > < p > first, it should be technically viable. As an Internet enterprise, to have good and excellent patent technology, Xiaomi still relies on mobile phones to attract traffic and become the entrance of users. The loss of mobile phone advantage will be a disaster. But the technological breakthrough is not overnight, and China’s smart phone space is limited, almost saturated, foreign market restrictions are still many, such as patents. The second is the optimization of cooperative ecology. Xiaomi has done a good job in this respect. There are more than 100 ecological enterprises, and the space is still very large. However, due to the low and medium end of Xiaomi brand, it is difficult to obtain the dividend of consumption upgrading. < / P > < p > Third, upgrade the brand. If we want to solve the adverse situation of the disappearance of dividends in the middle and low-end markets of the domestic market and seize the consumption upgrading, we must work hard on the brand, otherwise, it will be difficult to continue. This is the same for the cooperative ecological enterprises. Otherwise, we can only get rid of this restriction, but at the same time, there is no flow. Xiaomi did pay a price for his unclear brand strategy. Hongmi’s sales accounted for the vast majority, and Hongmi’s pursuit was the ultimate cost performance. However, Xiaomi’s brand could not, and Xiaomi could not pursue the ultimate cost performance ratio. To pursue the ultimate experience and feeling, a high-quality, feverish lifestyle, this is the brand strategy, so, independent brand operation It is also imperative. Of course, as the representative of domestic smart phones, Xiaomi has played a great role in promoting the popularity of smart phones in China, which deserves our respect. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine