Lei Jun “in a hurry” can’t screw up to speed up the production of new products

In the keynote speech of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, Xiaomi brought us the supreme commemorative version of Xiaomi 10 and the supreme commemorative edition of redmi K30. Since it is Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary work, the two mobile phones are well stocked and the prices are very generous, so they have been sought after by many consumers after their release. Although the government has prepared 100000 units in stock for the first sale of both phones, the new ones soon sold out after the sales. These days, netizens have been urging Xiaomi executives to “screw”. < p > < p > on August 18, Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi technology, said in a micro blog, “this new product is too popular, which leads to a serious shortage of supply. Wang Xiang and Zeng Xuezhong and I went to Xiaomi intelligent factory to help screw the screws. As a result, the person in charge of the factory said that we have a fully automatic production line, all of which are automatically screwed by machines, and there is no need to screw screws manually. how? Online. ” < p > < p > Lei Jun online “help” netizens, enthusiastic netizens also actively gave a variety of “solutions” within 20 minutes. Netizens “give advice” said, “smash the machine, to screw the screw.” “Turn off the machine, I’m a cow.” “just fire the person in charge.” “The automatic production line has been withdrawn.” Previously, according to the official introduction, Xiaomi intelligent factory is not only a “black light factory” with an annual output of one million ultra-high-end mobile phones, but also a “large laboratory” for the pre research of new technologies, new materials and new technologies, and a “experimental base” for manufacturing equipment and automatic production lines. Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version transparent version is produced here. Privacy Policy