Lei Jun recalled the entrepreneurial crisis: Xiaomi 4 had overstocked 1 billion inventory but accelerated the process of internationalization

Sina science and technology news on August 11 evening news, in today’s Xiaomi 10th anniversary activities, Xiaomi chairman and CEO Lei Jun delivered a keynote speech. < p > < p > Lei Jun recalls the pit he stepped on in the process of starting a business. Among them, Xiaomi 4, a product of one generation, was overstocked by 1 billion yuan due to the high sales target set, but it was finally sold through international partners. Some of these partners sell oil, others sell computers. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi is now ranked in the top five of the world’s 50 markets, with India ranking first in three years, and Europe in the top three, with Spain first and France second. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list