Lei Jun recovered Xiaomi for ten years. In the next ten years, the wind will be strong and the pit will be more

In Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, Lei Jun used a personal speech to mark the end of Xiaomi’s past ten years and also put a question mark on Xiaomi’s future. In the speech, Lei Jun reviewed in detail the stumbling and stumbling of Xiaomi’s ten years of entrepreneurship. From the initial team building difficulties, which were ignored by the supply chain, to the initial growth of MIUI, Xiaomi’s mobile phone became popular, and then to 15 or 16 years of life and death, as well as the process of Xiaomi’s globalization, Lei Jun once again mentioned the unknown events of Xiaomi in this speech. < p > < p > when he mentioned the 13 year bet with Dong Mingzhu, Lei Jun said it was a stupid thing. This is the first time that he admitted in public that Xiaomi lost the bet, although he later stressed that in the year after the end of the bet, Xiaomi’s turnover exceeded Gree’s. Looking back at the gambling game at that time, Lei Jun frankly said that he was guilty. He reflected: “Xiaomi in 2013 was at the height of the sun, with a huge amount of confidence. Daring to compare with Gree means that we are expanding. I think sometimes success is really easy to inflate, inflation will do a lot of stupid things < p > < p > in Lei Jun’s view, Xiaomi’s super rapid growth in the first five years has covered up a lot of problems. By 2015, these covered up problems, such as floods, will force Xiaomi to the edge of life and death. < p > < p > in 2016, Xiaomi’s mobile phone sales fell by more than 36%. Before that, no mobile phone company could survive the decline in sales. However, after listing, Xiaomi unexpectedly entered a bottleneck period. The stock price did not improve, continued to fall or even cut back, frequent internal organizational structure adjustment, and hesitated to make breakthroughs in the high-end market, which became Lei Jun’s worry. At the beginning of the year, Xiaomi’s high-end mobile phone series has entered the high-end market. However, Xiaomi’s mobile phone has been in the high-end market. However, the dual engine strategy of “mobile phone + aiot” proposed by Xiaomi is not smooth in the current situation that mobile phone brands are making great efforts to bet on the construction of hardware ecology. According to relevant reports, in the second quarter of this year, in addition to apple and Huawei, both OV and Xiaomi declined in different ranges. Among them, Xiaomi plummeted by 35%, falling to the fifth place in the domestic market. < / P > < p > in the overseas market, especially in India, which accounts for nearly half of the overseas market revenue, Xiaomi’s smartphone market as a whole shrank by 48% in the second quarter according to canalys data, and the shipment volume almost fell. Lei Jun must have some anxiety, which can be seen from his frequent poaching industry executives. According to statistics, in the past year and a half, former Jinli group president Lu Weibing, former Nubia vice president Miao Lei, former Lenovo Group Vice President Chang Cheng, former small pepper mobile phone founder Wang Xiaoyan, former storm TV CEO Liu Yaoping, former Meizu technology senior vice president Yang Zhe, former ZTE executive vice president Zeng Xuezhong, all joined Xiaomi. Obviously, compared with ten years ago, Xiaomi and Lei Jun are facing new challenges. Smart phones have already entered the stock age. Compared with ten years ago, Xiaomi is in a more difficult situation. Today, Xiaomi has become a “Big Mac”, with a large number of people and a long product line. For Lei Jun, how to run light and fast in the next decade is the biggest challenge. In his speech, Lei Jun said that if you want to stick to today’s achievements and live on past achievements, there is no doubt that you can’t keep it; if you don’t pay attention to it, you can’t go through this road. Therefore, Lei Jun set down three iron laws and three strategies for Xiaomi. < / P > < p > among them, the three iron laws are “technology-based, cost-effective and the coolest product”. Lei Jun believes that technology-oriented means never stop on the way to climbing the peak of technology. This is Xiaomi’s attitude of fighting hard core technology in the next ten years. It is reported that Xiaomi is expected to invest more than 10 billion yuan in technology research and development this year. Cost performance is Xiaomi’s greatest sincerity in making friends with users, and it is the core strategy of Xiaomi. Whether it is a mass product or a high-end product, Xiaomi will always adhere to the cost performance ratio, so that all users can buy with their eyes closed. And insisting on making the coolest products is Xiaomi’s eternal pursuit. Xiaomi’s vision is to be the coolest company in the minds of users. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that at this conference, Xiaomi also brought three “super large cup” products, including Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, redmik30 supreme commemorative edition and millet transparent TV, or intended to echo the three iron laws of the company in the next decade. In the next decade, Xiaomi will become a “Youth”. In Lei Jun’s imagination, Xiaomi will become a long winding river, flowing through the beautiful life of everyone in the world, and running to the star sea that everyone yearns for. In his speech on the 10th anniversary, Lei Jun hoped that in the next decade, Xiaomi “will become the leader of the future lifestyle” and “a new force that can not be ignored in China’s manufacturing industry”. In this journey, in addition to “believe in yourself and never move forward”, it is also necessary to understand the consumers in the new era, face the needs of new consumers, and create a broader new consumer life field Products and manufacturing upgrades under the scene. Skip to content