Lei Jun said that millet generation originally sold only 1499 yuan. Did the little partner who bought it for 1999 yuan regret it?

19:30, August 11 Lei Jun came to the stage on time. As usual, he didn’t mention the new machine at the beginning. Unlike usual, Lei Jun stated all the questions in the spicy Q & A. what surprised me most was that Lei Jun said that the selling price of Xiaomi generation was only 1499 yuan!! < / P > < p > the original practice of Lei Jun was to “earn money at a loss” to start the brand The price of 1999 yuan is not lost at least Results the price announcement applause lasted half a minute, “1999” has become an important symbol of millet! “One shot and red” millet at this time has been linked with 1999 yuan. As a result, the first generation of Xiaomi mobile phones sold 7.9 million units. In his speech tonight, Lei Jun talked about the bet with Dong Mingzhu, which was actually the effect of the program at that time. However, elder sister Dong took it seriously and didn’t follow the script General manager Lei officially admitted that he had lost at that time, and joked that it would have been better if he had gambled for six years. It’s really a bit inflated to reflect on the original practice < / P > < p > and the real sales leader is the first red rice mobile phone, code named H2, which is actually the second generation of R & D. At the beginning of 2012, we formulated the red rice plan: to optimize the domestic industrial chain and make national mobile phones. In order to ensure the experience and maintain the reputation of the domestic industry chain, Hongmi has experienced a comeback before its release. On July 31, 2013, Hongmi mobile phone was officially released with a price of 799 yuan, and finally sold 44.6 million sets; < / P > < p > is Xiaomi going smoothly? It’s not. In 2015, India’s business was just starting, causing a huge inventory of 1 billion. Xiaomi entered the “dark moment” in 2016. In May that year, Mr. Lei personally took over the mobile phone department and spent a “miserable” time When Lei Jun talked about the listing of Xiaomi, a big secret broke out. Many netizens did not understand why Lei Jun suddenly announced that “the comprehensive net interest rate of Xiaomi hardware will never exceed 5%!” Today’s speech told the fans the truth. Xiaomi’s listing must have a legal effect to restrain its brand from being lost by “interests”. To be a good product with “touching people’s hearts and reasonable price” is the guarantee Lei Jun has to make even if he retires and leaves Xiaomi. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”