Lei Jun: Xiaomi formulates three iron laws and three strategies to win in the future

This evening, Lei Jun’s first public speech in his life came as scheduled. He not only comprehensively reviewed the road of Xiaomi’s entrepreneurship in the past 10 years, but also brought three amazing works of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, including Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition, and Xiaomi transparent TV, the world’s first mass production transparent TV. < p > < p > by looking back on the road of entrepreneurship and combining with three new products, Lei Jun has laid down three iron rules for Xiaomi: technology-based, cost-effective and the coolest product. This means that all the efforts or actions of Xiaomi in the future will be carried out around these three iron laws. Specifically, < / P > < p > technology based means that it will never stop on the road of climbing the peak of technology. This is Xiaomi’s attitude of sticking to hard core technology in the next 10 years. It adheres to technology, and this year’s R & D investment will exceed 10 billion yuan, and form a strong engineer atmosphere In the speech, Xiaomi launched a recruitment advertisement for Xiaomi Technical Committee, which shows the importance of technology. < / P > < p > cost performance refers to Xiaomi’s greatest sincerity in making friends with users, which is Xiaomi’s core strategy. Whether it is mass products or high-end products, Xiaomi will always adhere to the cost performance ratio, so that all users can buy with their eyes closed. In other words, cost performance is not a tactic, but a kind of values and business model; < / P > < p > to be the coolest product is Xiaomi’s eternal pursuit. Xiaomi is committed to being the coolest company in the hearts of users. The premise is to insist on making the coolest products, which means that the products must be extremely amazing, let users scream and exceed users’ expectations. Taking products as the foothold, Xiaomi will continue to gain users Recognition and encouragement also indicate that Xiaomi has a bright future. < / P > < p > these three iron laws make the market see the three values of Xiaomi in technical strength, business model and innovation direction, which are the unique precious wealth of Xiaomi. This year, Xiaomi is expected to invest more than 10 billion yuan in technology research and development. Technology oriented is the foundation of Xiaomi’s development. Cost performance is the key link behind Xiaomi’s pursuit of extremely efficient business model, which is a sharp weapon for Xiaomi’s market competition. Making the coolest products reflects Xiaomi’s innovative gene in its bones, which is the ultimate guarantee for promoting Xiaomi’s business and technological ecological development 。 Lei Jun said frankly that summing up the past is to better meet the future. Today, the business environment is more full of changes, challenges and opportunities. If you want to stick to today’s achievements and live on the past achievements, there is no doubt that you can’t keep them. If you continue to ignore them, fight hard, and grow in an extensive way, this road is doomed to fail. After thinking twice, Lei Jun has formulated three strategies for Xiaomi’s future development: < / P > < p > the first is to start a new business. Lei Jun believes that in the face of today’s situation, Xiaomi needs to show the enthusiasm to start a new business, go all out, boldly use entrepreneurial talents, boldly use entrepreneurial incentives, and boldly grasp new strategic opportunities. To put it bluntly, it is the most important for entrepreneurs to maintain their entrepreneurial qualities. Xiaomi stands at the critical juncture of the 10th anniversary and should return to zero.

followed by Internet plus manufacturing. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi believes in the Internet and believes in the methodology of the Internet. Xiaomi will insist on enabling the manufacturing industry with the Internet. On the basis of continuing sincere cooperation with OEM, we will deeply participate in the manufacturing industry. At present, Xiaomi has developed a large number of high-end equipment, and has designed and completed a fully automated high-end mobile phone production line. Xiaomi industrial fund has also invested in more than 70 semiconductor and intelligent manufacturing companies. This is what Xiaomi wants to do in the future. < p > < p > finally, it is a long-term strategy. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi will use the length of 10 years to look at everything, do long-term valuable things, and make friends with time. At the same time, strategically, we should be stable and firm, and we should not rashly advance. It is not difficult to see that Xiaomi vowed to be a long-term chauvinist, not eager for quick success and instant benefits, but also to maintain a high degree of strategic determination. < / P > < p > it can be predicted that in the next 10 years, under the leadership of the senior management team led by Lei Jun, Xiaomi will continue to write a magnificent chapter through all kinds of difficulties, ride the wind and waves, and forge ahead. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia