Lei Jun’s live broadcast of “no rollover” sold 100 million yuan in 2 hours

At the 10th anniversary conference, Lei Jun said that the evaluation he most cared about was that “Xiaomi marketing is good, but R & D is not good.”. But came to the studio, once again proved that millet is still very good at playing. < p > < p > in the first half of the conference, Lei Jun was the first to put Xiaomi’s “officially authorized autobiography” on the shelves, and then spent a lot of time introducing Xiaomi’s 10 supreme commemorative edition, and finally 5000 mobile phones were sold out in a few seconds. < / P > < p > there are also welfare links such as 1 yuan for battery, ball point pen, 10 yuan for weight meter and night light. Zhang Teng, founder of Tengda incubator, commented that this is Xiaomi’s “must kill skill”.

tiktok platform is also very face saving, hot search, open screen are arranged, and finally live broadcast room at the same time, the number of online viewing is stable at more than 1 million. Finally, in this more than two hours of live broadcast, Lei Jun’s live room sales exceeded 109 million. However, for Lei Jun, his interest in live broadcasting seems to be that he is more interested in promoting millet than selling goods. The product explanation of Xiaomi 10 supreme edition was once so detailed that people felt impatient. “Don’t talk about it, get on the goods quickly” and “you don’t need to introduce it to you.” it was not until the welfare link and the ecological chain products began to be put on the shelves that they entered into the conventional live selling posture. < p > < p > as an entrepreneur, compared with Dong Mingzhu, who has been engaged in the five-year contract, Lei Jun’s live delivery is almost on the last bus. However, with the 10th anniversary and the launch of new products, Lei Jun’s attempt is different from Dong Mingzhu and even Zhang Chaoyang and Ding Lei, which seems to have a new exploration significance. < / P > < p > storytelling, stemming throwing, and show configuration were used in the studio again. With two short films interspersed in the middle, the first half of the live broadcast was like a press conference with boss Lei sitting. < / P > < p > he was full of enthusiasm for Xiaomi’s new product supreme edition, from technology to sentiment, from camera to screen, and then from configuration to factory. This led to the first half an hour later, only four products were launched in the studio.

as entrepreneur network red, Lei Jun himself has more than 3 million fans in the tiktok, but this time the live broadcast is selected from the millet studio, and the meaning of product Xuan is bigger than selling itself. < / P > < p > along with the brand promotion is the welfare gift of eco chain products. The $9.9 giant can write ball point pen, and the $9.9 rainbow battery can only be sold for 1 yuan, and the package mail is also included. < / P > < p > kill once a second, Lei Jun calculates an account, and “another 600000 is sent out”. Relying on Xiaomi’s strong ecological supply chain, Lei Jun has enough small things to attract people’s attention. In addition to ball point pens, Lei Jun also has nightlights, weight scales, bracelets, screwdrivers, rechargeable mosquito repellers and mobile phone fascia guns All second light.

Lei Jun Tucao, his sales colleagues in the circle of friends to make complaints about the CEO, how much is sold, how much of our boss, our boss is happy. Zhang Teng is very optimistic about Lei Jun’s attempt. He thinks that online live broadcasting with goods may become a new product release form, which can reduce the cost and create a topic of “how many goods have been broken by the boss of new online celebrities”. This form has the most advantages for Xiaomi and Huawei CEOs, “because their own product line is rich enough”. < / P > < p > in other words, if the response of Mr. Lei’s water trial and live delivery is enthusiastic, it will prove that if there is a new product launch in the next Xiaomi, the new product sales + cost-effective live sales of ecological products can become a normal. < / P > < p > in China, millet ranked fourth in terms of shipment, behind Huawei, oppo and vivo. According to IDC report, in the second quarter, China’s smartphone shipment volume was 87.8 million, with Huawei accounting for half of the country, while millet market share was only 10.4%, and the shipment volume was 9.1 million, down 21.9% year-on-year. < / P > < p > in the international market, India, one of Xiaomi’s biggest battlefields, suffered from both production and sales due to the epidemic situation in the early stage, and then the sentiment of rejecting China appeared in the later stage, which eventually led to a significant decline in the shipment of mobile phones. < p > < p > according to IDC data, in the second quarter of 2020, India’s smartphone shipment volume was 18.2 million, of which, Xiaomi’s overall shipment decreased by 48.7% to 5.4 million units year-on-year, while Samsung regained the top position in the Indian market by relying on the stock of functional machines. What echoes this live broadcast is that Xiaomi is transforming itself from a pure mobile phone manufacturer into a more diversified one. “We always think of ourselves as an Internet company.”. < / P > < p > according to Xiaomi’s financial report in fiscal year 2019, at present, Xiaomi’s mobile phone business revenue accounts for 59.3%, IOT and consumer products business income accounts for 30.2%, and Internet service accounts for 9.6%. The proportion of mobile phones is declining, the proportion of IOT and services is increasing, and diversification has achieved initial results. Since its listing, Xiaomi company has always been below the issuing price. As of the time of publication, the share price of Xiaomi group is HK $15.34/share, with a market value of HK $369.8 billion, which is quite different from meituan, an Internet company. < / P > < p > in the live broadcasting room, the configuration and muscle, black technology and innovation repeatedly emphasized by Lei Jun are still weak in front of competitors. Xiaomi’s 10 billion R & D investment is not small, but it is not a heavy investment.

in two hours of live broadcast time, Lei Jun in addition to bear the product release officer and welfare robot two roles, tiktok also gave their own ad number.

from tiktok to B station to Xiaohong book, Lei Jun has been walking along the front line of self marketing CEO. In contrast, it is Dong Mingzhu of Gree. Tiktok, but

is not the same as Dong Mingzhu in the live broadcast of Taobao live broadcast, shaking hands and fast moving platforms. Lei Jun’s live broadcast is neither for sale nor for dealer proofing, though he says he doesn’t want to be called a model worker again, but he once again practices what Kwai Chong is at the front line. < p > < p > AI finance and economics news agency interviewed Xiaomi’s employees, proving that Lei Jun’s management style is “a person who keeps starting a business”. With the continuous departure of Xiaomi’s founding executive team, Xiaomi has absorbed subordinates from former rivals such as ZTE and Jinli, which is nicknamed “Avenger alliance”. However, Lei Jun is still the absolute spokesman of Xiaomi. < / P > < p > before the live broadcast, in a warm-up short video, the interviewer asked why Mr. Lei was still carrying goods this time. Lei Jun throws the stem, because he is Xiaomi the first marshal, not handsome has been expelled. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia