Lei Jun’s live broadcast opened the box for technology circle 2021, bringing 188 million goods to usher in a good start

in January 1st, the founder and chairman of the millet group and Lei Jun of CEO made a live broadcast of the tiktok. Rice noodles were announced in the 11 conference of millet, and the announcement was tiktok again, not only the first 11 millet Lei Jun signature version, but also a lot of welfare feedback rice noodles. On the night of the live broadcast, Lei Jun and rice noodles had a live connection, shared many good things about millet, and sent New Year gifts for rice noodles. The total viewing volume of the whole live broadcast exceeded 38.49 million, and the sales amount exceeded 188 million yuan.. < / P > < p > the focus of Lei Jun’s live studio is the latest generation of high-end flagship Xiaomi 11 released by Xiaomi on December 28. Lei Jun gave a comprehensive introduction to Xiaomi 11 from the aspects of appearance, screen, camera, loudspeaker and performance. The live broadcast has become a “small product conference”. In a few seconds, Xiaomi 11 in the studio was sold out. In addition, Lei Jun also revealed at the scene that the first sale of Xiaomi 11 on New Year’s Day was very popular, among which 20000 users chose the standard version without charger. This shows that Xiaomi’s environmental protection concept has won the support of users, and pays tribute to these environmental protection supporters. < / P > < p > this live broadcast is also the official first sale of Lei Jun’s signature version of Xiaomi 11. Lei Jun said that on the first live show on August 16, 2020, rice noodles had proposed to want Lei Jun’s signature version of mobile phone, so it took four or five months to prepare Xiaomi 11 Lei Jun’s signature version. Lei Jun signature version of Xiaomi 11 has the same configuration as Xiaomi 11, but its appearance is quite ingenious. The back cover adopts the glass surface hot pressing texture process initiated by Xiaomi, which has unique visual effects in light. As a gift for rice noodles, Lei Jun signature version of Xiaomi 11 has the same price as Xiaomi 11. With the support of rice noodles, the live broadcast of Lei Jun signature version of Xiaomi 11 was sold out in 5 seconds. < p > < p > on the evening of the 1st, Lei Jun broadcast nearly 30 items of live goods list. In addition to mobile phones, it also included Xiaomi Juneng colorful neutral pen, Xiaomi car charger, Xiaomi TV master 65 inch, Xiaomi fully automatic intelligent door lock and other explosive products, covering digital, home appliances, household appliances and other fields. Lei Jun said that these products are very popular in the market. Since its release, the sales of Xiaomi Juneng pen has exceeded 100 million. According to statistics, Lei Jun’s live sales that night exceeded 188 million, and there were as many as 1500 stores offline synchronous live broadcasting, which further broadened the new way of live broadcasting. < / P > < p > although the results of live broadcasting are quite excellent, Lei Jun said that he paid more attention to the communication with users and “wanted to have a chat with friends” than e-commerce live broadcasting, which emphasized performance. This has also become a highlight of Lei Jun’s live studio. < / P > < p > at the beginning of the live broadcast, Lei Jun sent new year’s wishes to the rice noodles, and also said hello to the rice noodles all over the country. Before the launch of Xiaomi 11, Lei Jun launched an activity on Weibo to help rice noodles realize their wishes, and revealed three cool and interesting wishes in his mind. This live broadcast, Lei Jun invited the winning rice noodles “Carrefour pirates” live connection. The company with Xiaomi fangmi has started to transform its smart home. < p > < p > Lei Jun also announced in the live broadcast that in order to meet the wishes of the rice noodles, he will personally speak for Xiaomi 11 in the next month, and the advertising photo will be put on the billboard at the entrance of Terminal T3 of capital airport on January 4. Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi marketing department only agreed to try itself as a spokesperson after seeing the strong demand of rice noodles. When the mobile phone tiktok first appeared in August 16, 2020, many rice noodles appealed to Lei Jun to speak for himself. It’s not hard to imagine that Lei Jun holding the huge poster of Xiaomi 11 will surely usher in a lot of rice noodles to punch in and take photos. < / P > < p > all of the above show that Xiaomi has truly listened to the voice of users and made friends with users. When it comes to learning musical instruments for the first time, it’s like having a live chat with my old friends. While introducing products to the audience and bringing many second kill benefits, it also makes the live room full of laughter. < / P > < p > the 2021 opening ceremony of science and technology circle not only verified Lei Jun’s ability to bring goods, but also reflected the strong product strength of new products such as Xiaomi 11. It can be said that Lei Jun once again explained the beginning of Xiaomi’s new decade with a relaxed and happy live broadcast, “2021, go light”. I believe Xiaomi will bring more surprises to users in the future. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list